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Antenociti's Workshop

Friday Eve! We're almost back to the weekend. Just another day and change and we'll get there. I'm certainly confident. And, at least here in Atlanta, it's supposed to rain much of the weekend. I'm certainly thrilled about that. We'll see if we actually get the rain, though. In the meantime, let's make sure your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: War World Gaming Taking Pre-Orders For Medieval Guard Tower Terrain, Updated Happy Panda Cafe Terrain Available From Antenociti's Workshop, Hive City Bundles Available From Tabletop Scenics, and Pwork Wargames Taking Pre-orders for UK Games Expo.


And we're back to Monday. We all knew it was going to happen. We didn't have to be thrilled about it. But it was nice and cool out this morning, so we've got that going for us. But even as much as the weekend seems an eternity away, there's still plenty to get excited about, like making your game tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Terror at the Belmont Hills Mall Kickstarter Running Now, and Ho Lee Fooks Restuarant Available From Antenociti's Workshop.

It's odd. Each day this week I've found myself, at some point, looking at the clock and going, "How is it only (time)?! Geeze! Today is taking forever!" And yet, in contradiction of that, I've also found myself going, "Whoah! It's already (day)!? This week is flying by!" So while each day is taking forever, the week is just speeding past. I don't really get it, but it does mean we're already most of the way to the weekend. I'm in my Thursday shirt, and that means it's time to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Steampunk Ironclads From Burn In Designs, Tabletop Scenics Giving Away An Orc Quarters, Skull Forge Scenics Halloween Sale Happening Now, Acheson Creations at Fall In! and Millennium Con, New Modern Civilian 28mm – 32mm Vehicles From Antenociti's Workshop, and New Masons and Brewers Terrain For Guild Ball.

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We're chugging along, everyone. Wednesday is upon us. The weekend is coming ever-closer.
Has the week gone by quickly for everyone else? It's been a fast start for me. And with several new proofing projects in the pipe, I'm certainly going to be busy the rest of the week. But hey, busy means the time goes by quickly. But I'll need to keep up my strength. For that, let's nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Ratgard: LeaderRatss Battle Tank and Ratgard AFV Track Guard Now Available, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - August 2017, Star Sailors Set One: Magical Girls Available From Okumarts Games, Halfling Skeleton Armies Now on Kickstarter, Antenociti's Workshop Running US-IMF : 28mm & 15mm Sci-fi Armour Kickstarter, U.S.O.R. Online RPG System Now Running, Frostgrave Warband Manager Online Tool Now Available, and iToysoldiers is now +1: Release 5.0 is live.

It's back into the office for most of us. Hopefully your weekend went well. I didn't get any tabletop gaming in, but I did have a great time with a friend I'd not seen in a bit. So I can't really complain. Also got a ton done around the apartment. But next week there will possibly be gaming. So, better make sure my gaming table looks as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Survival Range Releases From Antenociti's Workshop, Dust Town: Fantasy Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargames, Fantasy Flight Games Releases Swamps of Nal Hutta Map for Imperial Assault, and British Street Items Available from Warlord Games.

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The week continues on. We'll eventually be getting back to the weekend. Just another couple days. In the meantime, we need to keep our energy up. To do that, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Tikki Trolls Metal Minis Up On Kickstarter, June Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff, Acheson adds 28mm Pewter Hyenas, Bharata Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter, Multitude Game Set Coming to Kickstarter, York Gaming is launching a Kickstarter Campaign for 1492 - The Rite of Passage next Friday, Circle of Blood Teases Kickstarter Starter Box, New Legionary Heat-Ray From Kromlech, Tokens of Friendship Available For Tails of Equestria RPG, New Van Diemen's World Devils Squads Now Available From Victoria Miniatures, New Bases and Accessories Sale From Micro Art Studio, GOT 28mm Kabardin APCs Available From Antenociti's Workshop, Skyline Chess - New York City Edition Up On Kickstarter, and Khurasan releases Caveman headhunters and rhino riders.

And we're back in the office. Wee!
Ok, so I'm actually exceedingly tired because I got very little sleep last night. So, if you want, you could play "Find the Typos!" here today. There might be more than usual. :P
But what is just as usual is making sure your gaming tables look as good as possible. For that, we've got our Terrain Corner.

In it, today, we haev (is that one on purpose? You may never know) : Deep-Cut Studio releases Gotham game mat, The 'Roc' Dropship Up On Kickstarter, The Bumblebee Air Transport Available From Burn In Designs, and Lands of Mars Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Football season (well, American football, anyway) is over. But that just means you can move your gridiron action to the gaming table. There's plenty of fantasy sports games you can enjoy. But if you're going to be playing those, or other miniatures games, you'll want a good-looking gaming table. And that's what we're here to help with today.

This Terrain Corner we have stories on: Acheson Creations Announces Dungeon Worlds 2 Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases new Frost-grave gaming mat, Antenociti's Workshop Releases Happy Panda Noodles, and Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat: Dust Town Now Available.

Antenocitis Workshop is coming to the end of their Kickstarter campaign for their sci-fi Forward Base terrain. They've made it quite a long ways and have lots of extras unlocked for you to check out.


From the campaign:

Well we've passed £70,000.00 and so the upright trees with Alien flora on them are now unlocked and will be included as an add-on later today.

A HUGE "Thank you!" to everybody from us all here at the Workshop, you've made this a very special year for us and we're already into production of Habitat parts and resin moulds so that we can return that trust with timely dispatch in 2015!

Antenocitis Workshop has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Forward Base terrain pieces. They're already well over 10x funded with still 11 days to go.


From the campaign:

Forward Base is more than a random collection of scenery products: We set out with a goal of creating a thematic scenery system that would allow the gamer to produce a gaming table that was visually stunning, looked like a believable sci-fi outpost and where the buildings were pre-painted and the resin pre-coloured, to save you time on getting your table up and running and looking great!
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Antenocitis Workshop is showing off their November terrain pieces, designed for Infinity, over on their website.


From the post:A delayed post due to the server move earlier this month but…

November “Designed for Infinity” releases:

“Apartment Doors” (Narrow) - now in a pack of 10 For £7.50p
“High Security Gate” (Narrow) – pack of 3 Gates with metal keypad, camera and security laser
“Power Points” – Set of 8 Power points with Acrylic Rod – £7.50p
“Security Gate” (Wide/Cargo) – Pack of 3 resin Security Gates for £7.50p
“Tactical Table” – Set of 2 resin-cast Tactical Planning Table with photo-inserts including Paradiso Campaign Map – £7.50p

Antenocitis Workshop will be launching their Forward Base Terrain Kickstarter on the 17th at 8pm GMT.


From the post:

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to confirm that our “Forward Base” Kickstarter for “Designed for Infinity” products will be launching on the 17th November 2014 at 8pm UK time.

More details over the next few days as we upload more videos and information on pledges and postage!

Antenociti's Workshop has some preview renders up for a new sci-fi Sushi Bar they're working on.


From the preview:

We’re going to add a few more resin elements for the roof and then do the etchings for the MDF panels after which this will be nearly ready for moving into production in 2014.

Antenocitis Workshop released their new Komodo Armored Suit. Looks pretty sturdy to me.

From the release:

The "Komodo" Personal Assault Suit is now available cast in metal for £15.99 (£13.33 ex VAT)

The model comes with 4 alternate weapons, Gatling Gun, Grenade Launcher, Coil Gun and Flamer, all of which can be inter-changed between arms, and also a 4-finger grapple for the left arm.

The figure stands approximately 42mm tall and is styled for 28mm sci-fi gaming.

There are discounts for multiples so you can get the Komodo for as little as £14.00 (£11.66 ex VAT)

There are some size comparison shots on the blog here including a picture with a 15mm infantry figure for those thinking of using it for a 15mm Mech:

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Fate Amenable To Change now has their fleet boxes available for sale (and on sale, too). Go check 'em out.

From the release:

Fate Amenable To Change (FATC) Hiigaran Spaceship box sets now available in-store, priced from £45.50 GBP to £116.20 GBP at RRP.

However, sales prices run from £28.00 GBP-£75.00 GBP whilst current stock lasts, so get in quickly!!!

These are excellent models produced to a very high standard, and well worth the money… the largest box-set having 28 ships and 144 turrets, plus including flight-stands for all ships.

Sizes range from 122mm down to 35mm for the smallest ships.

Antenociti's Workshop will be closed for a short while as they move into new digs.

We are now in the process of expanding into the next-door premises.

This means the closure of casting for around 2 weeks and, inevitably, low-stocks on a lot of items too boot.

We anticpate the casting facility will be up & running around 29th October, however we then ahve a major casting job for a figure company, so a return to production of our own items will probably not start until the first week of November.

Please also note that we are short-staffed in the meantime, so replies to any emails, forums and so forth will be slow.

Anybody with urgent or time-sensitive orders PLEASE ensure that you speak to Nadine before ordering online.

Apologies for anybody inconvenienced by this.

Antenociti's Workshop previewed this guy a little while back. Well now he's for sale. Go and pick yourself up one or a dozen or whatever.

From the release:

The Tata-Dodge Matador AirCar (28mm) is now available in-store priced from £12.50p for one down to £10.00 each for 3 or more.
Overseas customers will have VAT deducted giving prices around £10.40 - £8.50p each (Dont forget to log-in to get adjusted prices and free-postage offers!)

Length: 115mm
Width: 64mm (max)
Height: 26mm (max)

Antenocitis Workshop released their new Hawker Evora Aircar over on their website. It's 2012, we were promised these things for real by now when I was a kid.
I guess the model will have to do for now.

From the release:

the 28mm Hawker Evora Aircar is now wavailable priced @ $11.50p or 2 (or more) for £10.00 each.

has their new Spider Tank (Spider Tank. Does whatever a Spider Tank does) available over on their website.

From the release:

The T-PEA “Mobile Turret” or “Spider Tank” is a pilotless military drone designed for Urban or Rough-Terrain combat. It is a dedicated heavy-weapons platform that can clamber across pretty much any rough terrain and is heavily armoured and armed to allow it to suppress most enemy vehicles and personnel that it is likely to encounter.

Its’ standard lead-out includes a tri-barrelled 40mm auto-canon and a heavy Xaser, the former capable of dealing with any light-medium armoured vehicles, non-military buildings and all infantry, the latter capable of ‘burning through’ most armours and buildings.

Spider Intelligences are sub-sentient and can be replaced altogether by a pilot in modified versions for lower-tech planets and forces. Such modification drastically reduces its armaments load-out, mission longevity and survivability but is nonetheless fairly common in lower-tech environments.

Antenociti's Workshop has some 3D renders up of some heavy weapons for their armored suits.

From the preview:

Update to the Carapace/Hardsuit images.

Apologies to the delay with this figure, this is being developed out-of-house so we have no control over its development & delivery and there have been considerble delays at “the other end”.

What remains to be done now is to pose the figure (which will be a more dynamic “braced whilst firing” posture) and then get it sectioned & printed as parts.

Antenociti's Workshop now has their Warthog available on their website. Vroom!

From them to you:

The Warthog ADV (Advanced) is the next-generation development of the highly popular Warthog Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle.

Pressure-cast Resin, white-metal and Etched-brass kit.

NOTE: kit requires assembly and moderate modelling skills. Tools may be required. Supplied unpainted and un-assembled.
Price in USD: $27.23

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Antenocitis Workshop posts a preview of their next Warthog.

From their preview:

WIPS of the 2nd-Generation Warthog.

Note the suspension system which allows you to raise the vehicle higher off the ground, these two are in “low” and “Medium” ride-height, you can really “stilt” the vehicle if you want to.

This version houses the standard TIP cannon which is controlled form inside the vehicle and can be lowered/raised over terrain, later versions have an alternative hatch with 3-barrel rail-gun (and gunner), and a couple of auto-turret options. These will be Interchangeable with the TIP cannon, so if you don’t glue it in place (use am magnet) you will be able to swap-out the different systems at will.

Price TBD, out at SALUTE 2012.

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Antenociti's Workshop has some important news about backlogs, order dates, etc for the upcoming holiday season. Discuss
Antenociti's Workshop announces the availability of a new 28mm vehicle:

From their announcement:

Highly-detailed metal and resin model for 28mm wargames: this is a large tank model suitable for any 28mm sci-fi wargame, complete with lashings of detail, weaponry and style. Multi-Part Resin and white-metal kit to make the shown grav-tank.

As well as the new Hyper-Rail turret the base of the vehicle has been completely re-mastered with full detailing added to the underside. The casting of the turret has been slightly changed also for smoother castings.

Base not included, decals not included. £27.50p (£22.92 Ex VAT).
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Antenociti's Workshop announces etched brass drain covers for use with basing miniatures:

From their announcement:

A small set of etch-brass drain covers, manholes and such like ideal for adding to blank bases to make your own customer figure bases.

These parts have been sized for use with 25-32mm figures, the figure and base shown are just to give an idea of size.

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