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Anarchy Models

We have made it to Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Rejoice!
And, like, go eat some candy or something because of Halloween. Have yourself a good time.

Speaking of bite-size items such as those "fun" size candies (never did quite figure out what was so "fun" about them, but there we are, then), we have our usual platter of stories for you. These, however, know exactly why they're fun.

In this batch we have: Free 15mm personality figure: Gaius Marius in Baueda Indiegogo Campaign, Final Day for Anarchy Models HD Stencils Wave 2 Kickstarter, The Prang by Eli Arndt moving to The Ion Age soon, Arena Rex Faction Dice Now Available, New Modern Adventurers & Mercs From Warhansa, and Plaid Hat Games Posts Halloween Downloadable Content for Mice & Mystics.

My painting skill is... mediocre at best. I base coat. I add some highlight colors. I drybrush. Pretty much done at that point. My figures look fine on a tabletop, but I'm not going to win any competitions with them. I'm certain those skills have faltered some, since it's been a couple years since I've picked up a brush. However, if I were to, I'd want to help out my caffeine hands some and add some cool detailing in one step by picking up some of the stencils from Anarchy Models. Their Kickstarter took off like a shot and they've got some new add-ons available.
And we've made it back to Sunday. At least for me, the day to get stuff done around the apartment and prep for the oncoming week. I might get in some electronic gaming later on, though. Hey, you can't make it out to the LGS every day (try as some might). ;)

Since it is Sunday, we've got some bite-sized stories for you, as usual.

In this batch is: HS Stencil System - Wave 2 - from Anarchy Models on Kickstarter, New render for Wild West Exodus, Dragonborn - Symphonic Album for Table RPGs on Kickstarter, Another World Miniatures: Magnus The Witchhunter Is Online, Tabletop Adapters releases unique 32mm Adapter, Yay Games To Release Sandcastles at Essen, Vengeance Oct Releases Posted, and The Book of Starry Wisdom: Apocrypha of Lovecraft's Cthulhu on Kickstarter.

Anarchy Models has been chugging along on their HS Stencil System Kickstarter. They've got several more styles unlocked for you to check out.


From the update:

£12k Design revealed.
Now, as you can see from the pics below, its not just for alien skin, but could be used on all kinds of creatures, from horses, to dragons, to aliens.

Anarchy Models has been making it through stretch goals over on their new Kickstarter campaign, unlocking new stencil designs.


From the update:

After getting some feedback on what people would like from the Dungeon Creators, we have decided to double the size of the detailing area compared to the last pic shown in update 4.
Anarchy Models has launched a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a new set of flexible stencils for painting your minis.
They're funded already, so check out the stretch goals and extras.


From the campaign:

Last year we ran our first kickstarter, for the HD Stencil system, the campaign was a hit, and we have been selling tons of HD Stencils via our web site. Thank you to all our backers from last year, as well as all our customers!

Now its time to bring in a sister product, the HS (high speed) Stencil System.

Now lets just make things 100% clear from the start, HS stencils are NOT a replacement for the HD stencils. Our HD stencils are here to stay.

"So why make a new range?" you may ask

Well, some jobs are only possible, or are more practical to do in one type of stencils or the other, while some can work in both types, but will produce a different effect.

Anarchy Models has their HD Stencil System, that'd been successfully funded on Kickstarter, available over in their webshop now.


From the announcement:

Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign last year, we are now producing a great range of stencils to add camo, detailing, symbols and words to your miniatures and scenery.

Each HD stencil sheet will be roughly A4 in size (+/- a few mm) and in most cases are designed to fold down the middle to save space.
The plastic film our stencils are made from is specially designed for this purpose;
• It is self adhesive, but with a low tac, to help stop it peeling paint from your models
• Semi re-usable depending on model, paint and care of removal.
• solvent proof.
• It has a moderate amount of stretch to help it go round complicated detail
• transparent for exact application, but grey in colour to see it easily
We have a large range of designs, with something to suit most tastes.

Anarchy Models is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their HD Stencil System. They've just made it through a pretty major stretch goal and added new stencils to just about every pledge level.


From the update:

You did it guys!!, I knew you could :-)

I can't believe how fast you blew that goal away, I knew we could do it, but I never thought that fast, you are all amazing :-)

The Major stretch goal from the Update 28 has now been unlocked, with many of the pledge levels now getting extras, check update 28, or the main page for details.

Anarchy Models keeps going higher and higher in their funding over on Kickstarter for their HD Stencil System. Check out these new styles they've posted.


From the update:

Wow, our campaign is going from strength to strength, with a total of 29 designs unlocked now, simply amazing!
Check out the pics of some of our latest updates.
With 1 week to go, there is still plenty of cool stuff to come

Anarchy Models continues their success over on Kickstarter with a new unlock in their HD Stencil System. This one's custom-designed for every single gamer out there.


From the update:

Hey Everyone.

I have been busy tweaking some of the designs over the weekend, and have finished the Oozing drips too, so expect some painted pics soon. The Angel wings are under way, and I have found a cool way to make them fit many shapes of aircraft wings, I just need to get some tests done, and finalise the design.

So, again, thanks to your wonderful support we have unlocked another freebie (and also the Mini Classic Camo is getting close too).

Anarchy Models keeps going up and up in their funding over on Kickstarter. They've got more backers, more stretch goals broken and more stencils they're showing off.


From the update:

Yahoo! 200 backers!!

I am yet again humbled by your amazing response to our project, thank you all so much for your support, together we have expanded the range even further then I ever thought possible in such a short time.

We have plenty more ideas for designs and freebies, so any additional promotion you guys can do will help unlock even more cool stuff.

So, our freebie unlock for 200 backers is...(drumroll.....)

Mona - A small 3 layer stencil to create a modern style graffiti mural on your scenery. (size to be confirmed)

Anarchy Models has had great success so far with their HD Stencil System Kickstarter. They've unlocked several new designs and still have a lot of time to unlock more.


From the update:

Hey guys.
Our kickstarter has moved faster than we ever expected, with 10 additional designs unlocked already (for a current total of 21) + freebies.

Some designs are still concepts, but we will add painted examples of all designs asap.

Here are some pics of a few of the unlocked designs.

Anarchy Models has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new HD Stencil System for creating cammo and such patters on your models. They've already funded, so it's stretch goals for the next 27 days.


From the campaign:

A great range of stencils to add camo, detailing, symbols and words to your miniatures, scenery, car, bike or whatever you like

I have been using stencils similar to these for a few years on my own models. Having been asked several times "how did you do that amazing "freehand" on my work (which normally was not freehand at all), I decided there was a market for such items, and so this project was born.
I have been wanting to do this Kickstarter for about a year now, and finally the time is right to do it!

The HD Stencil Material
As standard, each HD stencil sheet will be A4 in size (+/- a few mm) and in most cases is designed to fold down the middle to save space.
The plastic film our stencils are made from is specially designed for this purpose;
• It is self adhesive, but with a low tac, to help stop it peeling paint from your models
• Semi re-usable depending on model, paint and care of removal.
• solvent proof should you wish to use solvent based paints.
• It has a moderate amount of stretch to help it go round complicated detail
• transparent to help you see exactly where you are putting it, but grey in colour to see it easily

Anarchy Models gives you more options with your armor with the release of their Tannelon Pattern Tank Hull Kit.

From the release:

We have recently released our super new Tinnelon Pattern Tank Hull.
This obviously works great with our Tinnelon Turret, but is compatible with all our turrets.
There will be track units coming for this when they are done and we plan to release more hulls and motive systems over time.

Also, we are running a promotion on our Facebook page where people can win store credit for "Liking" our page. Once we hit each liker goal we will increase the credit, so everyone has multiple chances to win!

Anarchy Models is a new gaming company designing specialty bases and conversion bits to help your models stand out from the others.

From them to you:

Anarchy Models is a small, UK based, independent manufacturer of high quality products for the wargaming and miniature modelling communities.
We plan to add many new products this year to our existing ranges of conversion bits, resin crystals for basing and terrain, resin bases, and historical scenery, as well as some exciting new lines.
Also we offer a resin casting/molding service catering for both companies and individuals.

Brueckenkopf takes a look at the Orc Scrap Guns available from Anarchy Models and gives you a review of them.

From the review:

Anarchy Models offers now some orc weapon bitz which are reviewed by Brueckenkopf Online