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Ambush Alley Games

When you're reading this, I'm hopefully using my Battle Chef in combat.

But that's me.

For you who's here reading the site, I've got your Review Roundup for you.

Today we have: Hail Caesar, Force on Force, Codenames, Five Tribes, Legends of Andor The Star Shield, Ninja All-Stars, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, Aviary, Booty, Catan: Explorers and Pirates, Allegiance: A Realm Divided, and The Golfing Dead.

Ambush Alley Games now has GZG Tomorrorw's War figures available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

We're proud to announce that Tomorrow's War 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games are now available to US and Canadian fans directly from the Ambush Alley Games online store! This allows fans of GZG's TW figure line to avoid high international shipping costs.

You can order see and order these great science fiction figures at the Ambush Alley Games online store.

We'll only be selling Tomorrow's War figures to customers in the US and Canada, because we can save provide those customers with savings on shipping costs. Other customers should continue to purchase Tomorrow's War figures directly from Ground Zero Games.

Currently there are four forces represented by the Tomorrow's War miniatures line: The Republic of Arden, The Democratic People's Republic of Glory, the USA, and the alien Darghaur. More forces are on the way (we're currently working on the army of Brazil) and we'll continue to expand these existing lines as well. There's a lot of new stuff in the works from GZG and AAG!

Ambush Alley Games is running a special where you can get bundle pricing on some of their great pdf game books.


From the announcement:

Ambush Alley Games is now offering bundle pricing on the PDF versions of our core rule books and companion books!

The total price of all PDFs in a bundle is discounted by 20%. If you're an SOG member purchasing a bundle, you can enter your SOG discount code at purchase to receive your 15% SOG discount (you can learn more about the SOG program here: - that's a total of 35% of the total price of all titles in a bundle!

We're currently offering the following bundles:
Ambush Alley Games now has their By Dagger or Talon sci-fi minis rules for the Tomorrow's War system available to pre-order over in their webshop. Go get your name on that list.

From the announcement:

By Dagger or Talon, the long awaited Companion Book to Tomorrow's War available now in PDF! Pre-Orders for the print version of the book are also being accepted. Customers who pre-order the print version from Ambush Alley Games receive a free copy of the PDF with their order.

Weighing in at over 100 pages, By Dagger or Talon is full to bursting with new rules, new Attributes, new scenarios, and new historical information for the Tomorrowverse.
Wee Gamers put up the second part of their interview with Ambush Alley Games.

Wee Gamers were very fortunate to get an interview with Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley Games. In this second piece he talks about the games he created and what 2012 holds for Ambush Alley Games. There are a few nice snippets in here.

Wee Gamers did an interview with the fellas of Ambush Alley Games. You can check out the interview on the Wee Gamers' website.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers were very fortunate to get an interview with Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley Games, the creators of Force on Force and Tomorrow's War which are published by Osprey Publishing. In this piece he talks about how the game and the company came about.

Ambush Alley Games now has their Bush Wars: Africa 1967 - 2010 available as a .pdf download from their website.

From them to you:

Ambush Alley Games and Osprey Publishing are proud to announce that the sixth companion book for Force on Force, Bush Wars, Africa 1967-2010, is now available for purchase in PDF format.

With its many tribal, political, religious, and cultural divisions, Africa has long been a continent at war - both with itself and with others. For much of the 20th century, there has been a near-constant state of military unrest, from Cold War proxy wars with Soviet and Western powers supporting their African allies in live-fire incarnations of this ideological struggle, and revolutions against established regimes, to foreign interventions under the banner of peacekeeping and mercenary operations alike. Bush Wars brings this hotbed of unrest to the wargaming table, with scenarios, orders of battle and background information.

While written with Force on Force in mind, the scenarios in Bush war are useable with any small-unit rule set.

Ambush Alley teamed up with GameCraft Miniatures and has a quartet of new terrain pieces available for you.

From the release:

Allen Rockwell and I are pleased to announce that Gamecraft Miniatures and Ambush Alley Games have teamed up to develop a line of 15mm Science Fiction structures for use with Tomorrow's War (or any other 15mm sci-fi game, for that matter)!

These buildings will be constructed of laser-cut MDF or top-quality resin and will be available directly from Gamecraft Miniatures. We intend to provide a mixture of building types, ranging from pre-fabricated, first-generation colony shelters to the shops and high-rises of an established metropolitan area. Mix the two types together for a futuristic shanty town in the shadows of an urban sprawl.

Fans of Gamecraft miniature's buildings (and anyone who owns one is almost certainly a fan) will be well aware of the great detail and durable construction of these models. Fans of Tomorrow's War will soon have a line of great model buildings custom built to fit the game's gritty, hard-SF feel with nary a skull in sight!

The buildings feature laser etched detail, but for those of you who want more texture, raised detail sheets are also available to compliment the various structures!

Ambush Alley Games Announces New Release:

From their announcement:

Cold War Gone Hot, the latest Force on Force companion book from Ambush Alley Games and Osprey Publishing takes a look at the war that never was: the war that would have shaken the world if the Cold War had ever gone hot.
Ambush Alley Games announces a contest:

From their announcemen:

That’s right! Ambush Alley Games & Osprey Publishing are looking for the best Tomorrow’s War painted sci-fi armies (any figures of any scale) in the world!
Ground Zero Games will produce official 15mm sci-fi figures for Ambush Alley Game's Tomorrow's War rules. From their announcement:
Ambush Alley Games is proud to announce that it is working closely with Ground Zero Games to produce a licensed line of Tomorrow’s War 15mm science fiction figures. More details will follow soon, but Shawn Carpenter had these comments at Fall Recruits, where AAG and Osprey debuted Tomorrow’s War to a general gaming audience: "I can’t say how excited I am to have the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers of the ‘15mm SF Revolution.’ I’m proud to have Jon Tuffley (owner of Ground Zero Games miniatures) working on figures to directly support our Tomorrow’s War background. Don’t worry, though, the figures we’re working on will be perfectly usable in other backgrounds, too. They’ll be the sort of well-designed military SF figures that are the norm for GZG, so they’ll be at home in any hard military SF setting you drop them into." Watch the Ambush Alley Games website and forum for further news.
Ambush Alley Games have posted photos of some of the internal art and layout of the upcoming Tomorrow's War rulebook. Tomorrow's War cover From their announcement:
A special shipment of the AAG/Osprey edition of Tomorrow's War has arrived and we're sharing some sneak peeks. If you like what you see, these books will be available at the Tomorrow's War debut at Fall Recruits, September 9th through the 11th, in Lee's Summit, MO. Come join us in supporting this amazing Con and get a copy of Tomorrow's War a month before it hits the shelves.
LITKO have released a token upgrade pack for Ambush Alley Games' Force On Force rules. token upgrade pack From their announcement:
Combat tokens for use with the Force on Force miniatures game rules. Now you have a durable and easy to use option to paper cutout and cardboard counters. The colorful plastic tokens make identification super fast and the thick tokens are easier to handle than thin paper. This set includes tokens for all the major actions and conditions found in the game. * This LITKO token set was designed for use with the Force on Force rules by Ambush Alley Games. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Ambush Alley Games LLC, and they do not endorse this product.
Ambush Alley Games have added a PDF download for the Enduring Freedom Fog of War deck. From their website:
This downloadable PDF contains all 60 Fog of War cards from the Enduring Freedom companion book in an easy to print format. A commercial version of this deck printed on playing card stock in full color is also available - please see our web store for details!
Ambush Alley Games have reached an agreement with Elhiem Figures to produce 20mm Force on Force figures. From their announcement:
We hinted that we'd be making an important announcement at Historicon this year and here it is: Ambush Alley Games and Elhiem miniatures have entered into an agreement to produce a line of fine 20mm licensed Force on Force figures! Elhiem Figures and Ambush Alley Games are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to bringing you some exciting new products in the near future! Please understand, though, that this announcement doesn't indicate that we're backing away from our stance on "any scale, any figures" for Force on Force. We're still not a figure company and Force on Force isn't an army list driven game. We don't care what figures are used to play our games. This agreement is just a way to ensure that our upcoming releases are supported by available figures of high quality.
Ambush Alley Games will be attending Historicon 2011. From their announcement:
Ambush Alley Games will be at Historicon this week, where we'll be sharing a booth with our pals at Osprey Publishing. We'll have demo tables right in front of the booth and the whole AAG crew will be there in person (no body doubles this time, we promise). We'll have plenty of copies of Force on Force, Road to Baghdad and (drum-roll, please) our latest companion book focused on Coalition actions in Afghanistan, Enduring Freedom. Everyone who buys a copy of Enduring Freedom will also receive a special edition 20mm sniper figure from Elhiem Figures. We'll also be making a special announcement at some point during Historicon, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds if you're not able to attend. There won't be anyone manning the prestigious Ambush Alley Games Towers, so any orders that come in this week won't be shipped until the middle of next week. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best wishes, The Gang at Ambush Alley Games.
Ambush Alley Games have announced a delay in the release of the Tomorrow's War rulebook. From their website:
Sorry, guys. We've just learned that Tomorrow's War's release date has slid from September 18th to October 18th. The slip was unavoidable in order for the printers to deliver us a book of the quality that we expect you to expect. Fear not regarding our debut at Recruits in September, however. We will be receiving a quantity of books in advance to support the debut - so the book will be available for purchase from us at the Fall Recruits convention in Lee's Summit, MO, September 9th - 11th. We're very sorry for the delay, but I assure you it was necessary and the improved product will be worth the extra 30 day!
Force on Force Enduring Freedom coverAmbush Alley Games have a special offer for the first customers to pre-order their Force on Force Enduring Freedom supplement. From their announcement:
This latest expansion for Force on Force provides players with everything they need to recreate battles from the mountains to the Green Zones of modern Afghanistan. Beginning with a detailed background section, the book presents extensive orders of battle for Coalition forces and guidelines for fielding Taliban and al Qaeda forces. Also included are 20 new scenarios, Afghanistan specific Fog of War cards, and new vehicle descriptions. Enduring Freedom is an indispensable source-book for gaming complex and intense engagements in Afghanistan on the tabletop using Force on Force or other modern combat rules. The first 100 people who pre-order Enduring Freedom will receive a free 20mm Elhiem Coalition sniper figure sculpted exclusively for this release.
Fog of War DeckAmbush Alley Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Fog of War Deck for their Force on Force modern combat rules. From their announcement:
We're taking pre-orders for the Force on Force Fog of War Core Deck. We know some of you aren't satisfied with print outs of the PDF card decks (and nobody wants to cut up their beautiful Force on Force book), so we're publishing a deck of commercial quality cards for the folks who want them. The Core Deck will consist of 72 cards and can be expanded by cards from the companion decks we'll be producing to support our companion books, such as Enduring Freedom and Ambush Valley. The deck will retail for $18 USD. You can pre-order yours on our Products page.
Ambush Alley Games has a new website. From their announcement:
Ambush Alley Games' new website is finally live and we think you'll find it was worth the wait. The new site should make it much easier for you to find the information or products you want and keep up on AAG news. It's pretty easy on the eyes, too. The forum is still down at this time, but should be up and kicking in a day or so. Give us a visit at
Ambush Alley Games is running a contest in their forums to celebrate the official release of the Osprey Publishing edition of their Force on Force modern combat rules.
Force on Force coverOsprey Publishing will soon be releasing eBook versions of the Force on Force rules. From their announcement:
Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley are proud to announce that e-book versions of the Force on Force rulebook and all of the companion books will be available as PDF e-books.
Osprey Publishing is offering a limited number of Force on Force Tactical Bag carrying cases. Force on Force Tactical Bag From their announcement:
Next month sees the release of Force on Force, the modern wargaming rules produced in partnership with Ambush Alley Games. To celebrate the launch, we've printed up a limited number of 'Tactical Bags'! Here's how you can get yours... Twenty bags will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at this years' Salute 2011 in April. Twenty bags will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at this years' Historcon 2011 in July. Twenty bags will be sold on the Osprey website - but will be first announced on the Ambush Alley Forum. Bags cost £20 each. It is possible that if we sell all sixty bags, we'll print more, but I make no promises. So - if you really want a bag, get to our Salute or Historicon stand early - or keep watching the Ambush Alley forum.

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