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Ainsty Castings

The week rolls along. Hopefully it's going well for you. Mine's been very busy. But that's meant things are going by quickly. Quickly is good and bad in some cases, as there's a lot to still get done by the end of the year. With Christmas this week and then New Year's the week after, there's lots of end-of-the-year items to work through in the next week and a half. If we're gonna make it through, we need to keep our energy up. That means chowing down on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Apocalyptic Upgrades: Viral Outbreak Up On Kickstarter, The Cardmogrifier Up On Kickstarter, Ainsty Castings December Sale, Purgatory enters the Pledge Manager, Ramshackle Games Previews Orc Rider For Jet Bike Kickstarter, Tercio Creativo Holiday Sale Happening Now, Paper U-Wing transport released, and Brother Vinni Releases Ingrid female Viking trumpter.

It's been a scorcher so far this week in the US. Certainly has been here in Atlanta, at least. That heat's made it rough to go outside for anything. Seems like a good time to stay inside and do some gaming. Or at least get set for some gaming this weekend. But if we're going to make it through the heat and the week, we need to hydrate, as well as chow down on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Ainsty Castings Summer Sale and New Hammers Slammers 15mm, MidKnight Heroes Online store opening sale and Super Chibi round 2 Kickstarter, Silverclutch Games Launches Beneath Nexus Kickstarter Next Week, The Warriors: Turf Wars Kickstarter Launches On the 29th, Son of a Blank Party Card Game Contest Happening Now, Hero Master RPG-Inspired Greeting Cards Up On Kickstarter, and A.E.G.I.S. Coming To Kickstarter Soon.

The week continues on. We've made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we're going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some provisions. Thankfully, there's a group of bite-size stories here just waiting for us.

Today we have: Ainsty Castings Taking Salute Pre-Orders, Darklight Kickstarter - Gameplay Video Posted, Final Hours for Twisted Game on Kickstarter, Final Day for Traazorites Kickstarter, Brigade Games Launches Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Kickstarter, and First Modern Canadian WIP from Full Battle Rattle Miniatures posted.

Christmas is this week (as if you didn't know). The end of the year is nigh. Time for some more sales events to get going! This one is from Ainsty Castings. You've got a couple weeks to get in on this one.
Seems Ainsty Castings thinks that I should just stick around indoors and play games as well. They, too, are having themselves a sale this July. It would appear as though July is a pretty good time to be a gamer. Lots of sales, and Gen Con coming up.
Ainsty Castings is running a special sale over on their website for the month of December. All orders over £50 will get a 20% discount.
Popular thing to do this time of year.


From the sales sheet:
Ainsty Castings is having their June sale over in their webshop. Go get some minis and terrain for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.



From the announcement:

For the rest of June we are offering a 20% discount on all orders over £50. The discount will be calculated at the checkout stage by the website.

Ainsty Castings is running a December Sale and announced their January price increase.


From the announcement:

December Sale. 20% off all orders of £40 or more, This sale runs until 31st December 2013.
Unfortunately the first week in January will see price rises applied to some of the items on the web site. I have not increased prices for nearly three years since taking over the business but rising cost have mean I finally have to apply increases. Hopefully the December Sale will let you get hold of some goodies before the increases kick in.

Ainsty Castings has the perfect thing for your little Indiana Jones sets with the release of their new mine carts and tracks terrain sets.

From the release:

Brand new Mine Ore Carts and Track options now available over on the website. There are now four different Carts, a Pump Wagon and some sets with Track layouts ready to roll.
Fancy an Indiana Jones type chase through the Mine?

Ainsty Castings has some special deals going on now over on their website. Go check 'em out.

From the announcement:

August sees 3 special deals from Ainsty Castings. We have the Pirate Fleet, Ape Assault Force and Hammers Slammers Starter Pack

Pirate Fleet (£150) comprises Three Ships, Two packs of Deck Cannons and a Row Boat.
Ape Assault Force (£40) has 25 Apes including Command, and the Hammers Slammers Starter Pack (£65) givers you the Crucible Rules Book, 5 Blower Tanks and a Troop of 4 Combat Cars with crews.
These special deals will expire on 31st August but also Qualify for the spending discounts online too!

Ainsty Castings has a new Wicker Man model available over in their webshop.
Aaah! The bees! The bees!

From the release:

Alan the Wicker Man
Standing taller than a very tall thing, with room inside for a 28mm mini based on a 25mm base (not included) Alan has two head variants plus a Green man mask which fits on the Wicker head.
10 pieces make up this model for £25

suitable for any period from Roman (so i'm told) up to present day and any number of fantasy settings.

Ainsty Castings has their new official 15mm Hammers Slammers vehicles available just in time for Salute.

From the update:

All ready for Salute and also to order online are the new Official vehicles for Hammers Slammers. The first of these are

15mm Blower Tank £8
15mm Blower Command Tank £8
15mm Combat Car £4

Also available in the new "Troop" Unit size of 4 vehicles

Blower Tank Troop £30
Combat Car Troop £15

Other vehicles will be added throughout the year including the Command Combat Car, Up Armoured versions of the Blowers and Combat cars.

Hammers Slammers The Crucible Rules Books also available from Ainsty

Ainsty Castings is turning 2 years old! *sniffle* They grow up so fast. They're having a sale as well as announcing a new custom build service.

From the announcement:

It is now two years since I took over Ainsty so its time for the yearly celebration.
All orders placed from now until the end of March shall automatically receive a 20% discount at the checkout.

Also, I now offer a custom build service. send me a description of a layout or board you would like to build and I will build and photgraph for you with a price. no obligation to buy but if you like what you see then go for it, you have the option to adjust/add/remove or change anything in the build before agreeing with the final layout. payment is only made when you are happy with the build. all custom builds receive a discount from buying seperates yourself just as if you had bought a starter set.
From one off buildings to complete table layouts. pictures are available of recent projects completed. just email me for details

Ainsty Castings is getting a little weird and wild with their new Weird West minis, available now.

From the release:

The Good The Bad and the Ainsty
Ainsty Castings releases the first of their Weird West Miniatures Range. Six 28mm White Metal Miniatures sculpted by Ian Mountain. This range was born from an Idigogo Campaign which ran last year, Ainsty have acquired these prior to the launch and will be sending out all of the campaign pledges over the next two weeks. All those who contributed to the campaign shall receive their minis shortly.
For the rest of you these are now available to buy for £7.50 for each set of three or £14 for all six.
The Good Guys. Abe Lincoln, Billy The Kid and Indian Princess
The Bad Guys. Victorian Vampire, Western Mummy and The Werewolf

Ainsty Castings starts a soccer riot with their new Football Hooligans.

From the release:

AGGRO minis are on the streets, the Terraces and scuffling in a Pub near you! First three packs of these new 1970's minis with attitude. Well "Do you want some"?

28mm White metal minatures produced in the UK and available exclusively from Ainsty Castings & Colonel Bills. Packs of 4 Hoolies for £6 each and the St Johns Ambulance Heroes for £3.

Rules set currently at the play testing stage for inter faction Skirmishing.

Paint your home Team colours and meet out on the streets.

Ainsty Castings has started up their December sales over on their website.

From the sales sheet:

December Discount and Postage offers as follows

Order £50 or more and receive 20% Dicsount

PLUS Order £70 or more and get FREE worldwide Shipping!

Have your orders sent direct to a friend as a gift for Christmas? or add them to your own collections.

Ainsty Castings has some new Damn, Dirty Apes! *shakes fist* available over in their webstore.

From the release:

Armed 28mm Apes are now available from Ainsty Castings. These are the first two packs of this range. Apes armed with both SMG's and Assault Rifles. both packs contain 5 different miniatures and cost £10 per pack.

Ainsty Castings has some new industrial terrain pieces available over in their website. That old Pringles can just won't work any longer.

Ainsty Castings has released new drivers for their buggies over on their website. They've also got some new starship droids.

From them to you:

After the popularity of the Buggies launched earlier this year I have now added a Driver with 5 head options and to complete the scene a set of little Droids to do the menial tasks on ship

All in 28mm and Priced at £5 Droids, £5 Buggy and Driver, £22 Set of 4 Buggies with Drivers and a set of 3 Droids.

Ainsty Castings has a new set of table and chairs for to make your gaming table pretty.

From the release:

New listings include these 28mm Wooden tables and four chairs for £4.50. choice of either laden table or plain table.

Set of four chairs available seperately for £2.

All suitable for Fantasy, medieval, Three Musketeers or Pirate games to name a few

Cast in Polyurethane Resin

Ainsty Castings is offering free shipping for orders over 60gbp (that's British pounds, not actual weight of 60 pounds) for a limited time.

From the update:

Take advantage of FREE Postage from now until Sunday 5th August.

All orders over £60 placed in this period will be sent out postage free both uk and worldwide.

Ainsty is having a July special on their Flameblade Range. Get some of their terrain pieces for cheaper than usual.

July sees the whole of the Flameblade Range on 20% Special discount price. from individual pieces right up to the Flameblade Compound set.

Flameblade the rough cut defence system and is suitable for Post Apocalyptic Games as well as Necromunda and 40K. give your Orcs a new Fire Base!

Ainsty Castings put up some new post-apocalyptic, London-inspired terrain up on their website.

From the release:

New in store, the first models for the new Ruined cities Range. Kicking off with two iconic London pieces we have a crashed Tube Train and the aftereffects of bad night out for Nelsons Column! both sculpted in 28mm and cast in resin

Nelsons Column £35
Additional Lion statues £6
Train Wreck £12

Suitable for Post Apoc, Alternative World War or VBCW

Ainsty Scasting is running some specials over on their website for June. Everybody loves saving money.

From the release:

Starting with this month we will be offering a number of models each month with a special discount. this will run to the end of the month

June's offering is 20% off the vehicles in the Car Park range. you can follow the link to see these.

Grab yourself a Derelict School bus in readyness for the School Holidays!

Ainsty Castings has a bunch of new sci-fi pieces to accentuate your gaming table.

From the release:

Lots of new items have been uploaded to the AINSTY web store this week, We have A Snowmobile, several Buggies which can be used for your villains secret lair or roaming around a Moonbase somewhere, A Utility unit which can carry a weapon or a manipulator arm. There is also a Device that may or may not have a timer linked to it! there is a Laser Table to strap your favourite 00 Agent to and practice your Laser eye surgery techniques.