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Adeptus Infernus

We've made it past Monday. The work-week is well underway. Most of us are at our jobs, looking to get through the day. To help them go along faster, I've found that gaming podcasts help. Hopefully they help you, too.

Today in the Roundup we've got: The Cardboard Herald Episode 22: Sebastian Koziner: designer, artist, and Argentinian publisher; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 60: Last Time on Guild Ball; Singled Out Episode 29: Off The Season 3 Scrapheap; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 203: Pig Iron Productions; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 100: 100!!!!; Forgot My Dice Episode 8(15) : Hey Dawg I Heard You Like Landmines; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 13: Austin, We Have a Problem – Adepticon Live Show; Plaid Hat Games Podcast: The House on Carver Hill, Parts 3 and 4; Adeptus Infernus Episode 039; The Secret Cabal Episode 132: Anachrony, Nippon and A Short Topic Extravaganza; and News of the North – 2017-04-11.

Yesterday, to get home from Gen Con, we drove for about 13 hours. We went from Indy to Atlanta via Memphis. We had to drop off a friend at his place. We'd picked him up on the way, too, but we split the trip into 2 parts. The way back was just one long burn down the road. Fun fact: There's not really much to see driving from Atlanta to Memphis and then Memphis to Indianapolis. Whole lotta nothing right there. So having something good to listen to went a long way when conversation died down. If you've got a long drive coming up, or just a long day at the office, perhaps some gaming podcasts can help you out.

Today in our Roundup we've got: Geeks of the North Episode 32 – Cotton anniversary, World’s End Radio Episode #88 – The Rogue Traders, Adeptus Infernus 034, Through Gamer Goggles Gen Con 2016 Coverage 1: Blood and Plunder, News of the North – 2016-08-09, Who Cares Who Wins Bushido Special – with Chris and Chris (No Guild Ball), Mantic Radio – Episode 4, 40K Radio – Episode 3, and 40K Radio – Special Report – Codex: Deathwatch.

The work week continues on. Monday sort of flew by for me. I hope yours was the same. So many few people actually like Mondays. Well, we can help make your Tuesday go by faster, too, by giving you some gaming podcasts to listen to while you work.

Today we have: Ice Cream For Everyone Ep23: Alexis Kennedy & Cash DeCuir of FailBetter Games, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 72- The Castles of Burgundy and Aunt Peggy 2, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 52 Lord of the Rings - With Marty from Rolling Dice & Taking Names, Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 4: Dark Souls, Empires Age of Discovery, Curse of the Black Dice, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 170 – Salute 2016, Tales of Malifaux 29, Geeks of the North Episode 28 – Warmachine & Hordes MK3 preview, Adeptus Infernus 033, Man Battlestations Podcast Episode 6, and News of the North – 2016-05-03.

Well, it's the last day in the office for me this week. Tomorrow at 5am I'll be getting ready to head to Adepticon. I'm pretty excited about the show. If you'll be at the show, what are you looking forward to the most?

For the long car ride, we'll need plenty of stuff to listen to. Good thing there's gaming podcasts. If you have travels this week, you'll probably want to listen to these as well.

Today in our roundup we have: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 48 Nazca Games with Emerson Matsuuchi, Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #39: Dancin', Brawlin' and Burglin', Game Classy 110: Auctions, Conventions, and Mailbag!, In The Game Room - Episode 8, Adeptus Infernus 032, and News of the North – 2016-03-29.

With any luck, your Monday went by without a hitch. It was a rather productive one over here. Lots to get done. Lots got done. News posts. Scheduled in one review that went live. Working on the next. Another couple on-deck.

To help get through the rest of the week, I could really do with some gaming podcasts. Oh, hey, lookie here. Some gaming podcasts.

Today we have: Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 2: The UK Games Expo, Viticulture, Raid & Trade, and WKD, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 68 - Grand Austria Hotel and Gaming Weaknesses, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 45 Down Under With Rule & Make, Tales of Malifaux 25, Adeptus Infernus 031, Geeks of the North Episode 25 - How to grow as a painter, and News of the North - 2016-03-08.

The work week continues along. The hectic "get back into the swing of things" of Monday is done. We're into the "groove" of things that will hopefully see us through to the end. Something that'll help is listening to some gaming podcasts to help chew up some of those hours at the office.

Today we have: Ice Cream For Everyone Ep 13: Interview With Tim Burrell-Saward Lead designer at Sensible Object, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 165: Byron Collins / Polyversal Interview and Wargamimg Industry Round Table, Blue Peg Pink Peg Episode 67- Kingdom Death: Monster and Women Representations in Games, The Long View: Battlelore, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep. 43 Science, Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #38: 504 Ways to Eat Paper, Geeks of the North Episode 24 - IP ideas for new wargames, Adeptus Infernus 030, and News of the North – 2016-02-23.

Seeing as it is Tuesday (and I'm in my Tuesday shirt), it's time once again for our Podcast Roundup, where we bring you some podcasts to help you get through the rest of your work week.

Today's shows include: Plaid Hat Games Podcast Ep. 196: Bold Predictions 2016, Adeptus Infernus 029, News of the North – 2016-01-19, Game Classy 105: V2, Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 163 – Sails of Glory, Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #37: The Fun Stick Game, and Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 37 Randomness.

The first full week back in the office of the new year continues on. Monday wasn't too bad. At least for me. I'm hoping your day wasn't bad, either.

Something to help get through the rest of the work week might be some podcast. And we've got them all rounded up for you here.

Today's shows include: Game Classy 104: Steve’s Mea Culpa, Epic Gaming Night Popcast Ep 35: 2015 & Beyond, and Adeptus Infernus 028.

There's some sunshine outside... Real, honest sunshine. This is the first time in a couple weeks, it seems.
... Ugh, it's terrible. Bring back all the rain and clouds. :P
While I hide in here away from the warming, sunny rays, I'm gonna listen to some podcasts.
Which ones?

These: Game Classy 100: In Depth Review of The Battle for Calth, From the Hip Covers the Sticks & Stones Gaming Convention, Adeptus Infernus 027, and Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 26 MACE With Ron McClung.

It's Tuesday and that once again means a collection of the various podcasts we've come across in the last week.

In this group we have: Game Classy 96: L5R Without Katana Guy, Adeptus Infernus 026, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep. 18 Tail Feathers With Jerry Hawthorne, and Gamers Lounge Ep 114 – Witches and Werewolves and Vampires.

Tuesday is here once more. I'm doing some last-minute laundry before packing. I know a few of you are on your way already to Gen Con. Heck, some of you are already there! *is a little jealous* I'm heading out early in the morning. The 10 hour drive is always... umm... fun?

Good thing I've got a couple podcasts I can listen to along the way.

This week we've got: Tales of Malifaux #9, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 182, and Adeptus Infernus 025 .

Tuesday. Not exactly the most popular of days. But still, it's not a Monday, so it's got that going for it. Another thing it has going for it is our weekly Podcast Roundup.

It's another lean week, as we've got one podcast and one vidcast for you. Seems most shows are on a bi-weekly schedule these days, and most happen to match up to be on the same week.

Oh well, this time we've got: Through Gamer Goggles Words With Scott from Arcane Wonders at Origins 2015 and Adeptus Infernus Ep24.

Welcome once again to Tuesday, dear TGN readers. Hopefully you had a good day yesterday. We had a nice BBQ here at the office. There were hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken legs and pork ribs... Yeah, it was tasty. Leftovers, too. So that'll be lunch today.

But enough of what I'm stuffing my face with. Let's focus on what you should be stuffing your ears with (that... seemed a lot better of a transition in my head...). We've got our regular Podcast Roundup.

In this installment we have: Lost Hemisphere Radio ep110, CoolMini Cast #2, Game Classy 88: Dust Tales WOOHOO!!!, Adeptus Infernus 023, World’s End Radio Episode #85 – Watch The World Burn, and Screaming Heretic Episode 83 – Flula.

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
Hello all you beautiful TGN-readers. Welcome to another Tuesday. It seems this week is going by quickly. I almost didn't realize it was Tuesday until I grabbed my Tuesday shirt this morning.
Yes, I have specific shirts for specific days of the week.

But that's beside the point. What we're here for right now is our weekly Podcast Roundup.

We've only got two for you this time around: Adeptus Infernus 022 and Gamers Lounge ep. 108 – We have Guests.
Remember, if you've got a podcast, or know of one you'd like to see on our weekly roundup, be sure to send those in to
We've once again made it to Tuesday. Hopefully May the 4th was with you. And today's Cinco De Mayo. Please celebrate responsibly.

As is our custom, we've collected together the podcasts we've come across in the previous week and present them to you here now.

In this installment we have: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #28: Imperial Smog, Beyond Kalidasia - Season 3 Episode 3 - An Overall Look at the Game Design Process, and Adeptus Infernus 021.

The natural progression has turned Monday into Tuesday. Hopefully the transition was simple and painless for you.

As is our custom on Tuesdays, we've collected up the podcasts from the previous week and present them to you now.

Slim week, this week. We've just got two: Adeptus Inferus 020, and Dog and Thimble Board Game Podcast Episode 7: The Universe is Expansing - Oh Crap!

Tuesday is once more upon us. Did Monday go by quickly enough for you? Mine went by fast.
As is our custom, we've collected the podcasts from the past week and present them to you now for your listening pleasure.

In this grouping we've got: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!, The Download podcast Episode 4: Post-aPAXalyptic, Adeptus Infernus 017, and Game Classy episode 84.

Monday has come and gone. Here we are on another Tuesday afternoon (well, afternoon if you're East of Mountain time, anyway, at the time of this posting) and it's time for a roundup of the podcasts that were published in the past week. It's another short list this week, with two.

This time around we have: Beer & Board Games, Adeptus Infernus - The Adepticon Episode.

Here we are again on Tuesday. Seems we got here pretty quick. Monday, thankfully, came and went without much of a hitch, at least here. Hopefully yours was much the same.

So anyway, we've got our regular segment here of collecting the week's podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure.
Which are your favorites?

In this grouping we've got: Game Classy 83: Thursday Night, Geeks of the North Episode 12: Templecon recap, Ronnie and Luke Talk: DreadBall Xtreme Part 02, Mantic Podcast Episode 14, Adeptus Infernus Dataslate 02 and 03, and Lost Hemisphere Radio ep109: Cherchez la femme.

Tuesday is once again upon us. That means it's time for another Podcast Roundup.

Only two for you this week, though.
If you know of any podcasts that you'd like to see added to the Roundup, leave a comment and we'll start adding them to the listing.

Anyway, the two this week are: Gamers Lounge ep. 105 – Aetherium Review and Adeptus Infernus 16.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor slush, nor... really bad drivers on GA400 North... can keep a TGN Reporter from his posting duties.
Despite a dusting of snow threatening to shut down the city of Atlanta, we're still here to bring you the podcasts that we found in the past week.

Below you will find: Adeptus Infernus 015, d-Infinity Live! Series 4, Ep. 8: Animal Characters, and Hand Cannon Online's various shows (including Forgot to Feat ep 41, A Thrall Life ep4, and a new interview on Removed From Play).

It's another Tuesday and that means another Podcast Roundup here on the TGN Ranch.

This week we've got: Shut Up and Sit Down Podcast #25, Adeptus Infernus 014, and the usual ones from Hand Cannon Online such as Removed From Play, ScrumCast, and A Thrall Life.
It's time again to collect all the podcasts and vidcasts from the past week into one place for you.

This week we've got: Geeks of the North episode 10, d-Infinity Live Series 4, episode 4, Gamers Lounge ep. 102 – Deadzone, Adeptus Infernus Episode 013,

It's Tuesday, so that means another look at what Podcasts and Vidcasts have been posted up in the last week.

This time around we've got: Game Classy 79: “Werner Hertzog’s Warhammer 9th Edition”, the usual round from Hand Cannon Online (including ep39 of Forgot to Feat, ep5 of Murder of Crows, and ep2 of Removed From Play Prime), Episode 74 of the Shiny Model Syndrome Podcast, Adeptus Infernus 012, Lost Hemisphere Radio ep106, Gamers Behaving Badly releases Episode 6: "Worst to First", and Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast episode 24.

It's time again for another Podcast Roundup.

This one sees the first for-purchase episode of Removed From Play as they go to a subscription format (note: the half-dozen or so other podcast they have on Hand Cannon Online are still free). We've got Geeks of the North episode 9. There's some ramblings from the Game Classy crew. There's some Adeptus Infernus in there. There's our own Enrico Nardini guest-starring on d-Infinity Live! And round it off with Gamers Behaving Badly episode 4.