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Acolyte Miniatures

Well, the blustery weather from yesterday is gone. Now it's just cold. Hopefully the storm didn't hit you all too bad. I've got various friends up north that are dealing with the aftermath, but it's all not too terribly bad stuff. Though I doubt many are going to be heading to the LGS. Well, they can still stay in and game. And while gaming, they can snack on these bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Flying Stands Available From Warlord Games, Acolyte Miniatures Previews New Cleric Robert de Foresta Mini, New Kill Team Special Weapons Packs Available From Victoria Miniatures, Tabletop-Art Previews Heart-Blood Sucking Vampire, and Brigade Models Release New British Aeronef.

It's half-over, people. Actually, slightly moreso, since many of us get Friday off (thank you, Veterans). As we continue along, I'm feeling a bit peckish. Methinks I'll nom on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Invasion X 1950s and 60s Sci Fi range released by Killer B Games, Acolyte Miniatures Releases Necrowmancer Miniature, and More 15mm alien foreign legion models from Khurasan

Acolyte Miniatures, a brand new minis company, is previewing the concept art for their first ever model, The Butcher.


From the preview:

Acolyte Miniatures is happy to announce that they are launching their range of miniature figures with the release of the stunning horror character The Butcher, the main character in a new short story series called 'The House of Lies and Bones’.

The Butcher will be released as both a 28mm and a 54mm resin cast figure-perfect for both gamers and painters.

The figure will be available for sale directly from Acolyte Miniatures very soon.
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