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And we've successfully made it to Saturday. After the... incredible craziness that was this past week, I'm extremely thankful for just a low-key, simple Saturday. Once I'm done here I've got a Colossal to put together for a friend. Then I'm gonna just watch some movies. What movies? ... I've not really decided yet. Perhaps Snatch, The Blues Brothers, something Monty Python, ... obviously I haven't really decided yet, but it'll be good to just chill.

Before that, though, I need to get you some review articles. So let's do that.

Today we have: Savage Forged Miniatures' Stalker Zed, Crooked Dice Danger 5 7TV starter set, Legends of Andor, Escape Room in a Box, Food Chain Magnate, Blood Rage, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, A.D.A.P.T., Pittsburgh 68, Fuse, Karuba, Kemet, Star Wars Timeline, Terra Mystica, Elysium, and Splendor.

Sometimes a TV show just needs a reboot. I know a lot of people complain about how Hollywood is nothing but reboots and sequels. But I'm not as down on it. How do you know a reboot won't be better than the original? You don't until you try it out. So I'm always excited to hear about a new one coming. Well, the folks over at Crooked Dice are rebooting 7tv. They've got several box sets put together for it as well that you can order.
The reboot. While some people say it's the death of Hollywood, sometimes the new version is better than the previous. It's got the same elements as the original, but with some new ideas behind it. Well, 7TV from Crooked Dice is getting a reboot. The new beta version is up online and you can check it out for free.
Crooked Dice has their latest releases for 7TV available over in their webshop. This month's releases include a new deputy and a corporal, along with two scientific advisers. They all seem just a bit... familiar... for some reason, but I'm not sure Who they look like.
Also, along with the releases, the Vlad's Army book and cards are on sale for 25% off all month.

From the release:
Crooked Dice gives you more programming options for 7TV with their latest releases.


From the announcement:

Lots of new releases this month. We have our new Solomon and King models plus 4 X-Commandos to bolster the Department nicely. Then there is the Argonauts Starter Set to stop them getting too complacent.

Also released are 2 new Daughters of SHIVA, then Köhner joins the ranks of SHIVA with old pal Bolo. We have a resin Transit Van, with optional police siren & light, and a sprue of more Minion Weapons.

Crooked Dice has their February releases for 7TV available now over in their webshop, including a pair of new starter boxes.


From the release:

We have another pack of Federated Security (£9 for 3 or £3.25 each) for you this month – supported by a new Heavy Trooper (£3.50).

February also sees the release of our first two Starter Sets. Start a new 7TV cast or expand an existing one with these boxed sets – plus they give you a nice saving compared to the individual packs!

This month we bring you S.H.I.V.A set (13 models) and a Minions (14 models) Starter Sets – for £25 each. We’ve supported these packs with a free PDF cast list so you can pick up and play.

Crooked Dice has their November releases now posted up on their website for you to check out.


From the announcement:

Loads of releases this month! First, the metal: The Guru (new sculpt) and Kali for £8 are all villainous here. Four Cultists for late night rituals, hire them for £12 here. Two deals of four Savage Schoolgirls, suitable for zombie horror or other survival genres, at £12 per deal here and here.

Then we have the print version of the Villain Programme Guide, which combines the individual S.H.I.V.A., Argonaut and United Radionics Programme Guides. £20+postage, here. I will add the PDF versions and the 2 page PDF update featuring new rules for Bolo and the all new S.H.I.V.A. Destroyer (coming soon!) err… soon.

AND if that wasn’t enough, if you spend £60+ on miniatures and/or PDFs you can get 10% off with the code ZOMBIEMILEYCYRUS.

Crooked Dice has some new Robo-Minions available over in their webshop.
Rosie the Maid they are not.


From the release:

Robo-Minions are Ulysses Argo’s expendable minions. Captured humans have various technological enhancements grafted onto their bodies, while their brains are partially robotised to obey Argo’s every command. They are sent in to back up his other more reliable metallic creations.

The Deal comprises one each of three models, with mix and match arms, plus one sprue of three heads and one sprue of Disruptor guns for £10.

The headless bodies with arms are available separately from the drop down menu below, and the ?Heads and ?Weapons are also available as part of the5 for £7 Deal.

Crooked Dice has a lot of new stuff to offer this month over in their webshop. Check it out.

From the release:

Lots of new rules and lead from Crooked Dice this month.

July sees a raft of Federated Security Reinforcements available in Store: The Commander (£4 including balaclava and helmet head), two female Mutaints (£3.25 each or £6 for both) and the Security Robot (£6). Get them ALL in a great Deal for only £15.

The Commander is back again in July’s Deal of the Month leading 9 Federated Security Troopers (3 each of 3) for only £22 – that’s saving £7.50!

And lastly, you can get a sprue of 3 Federated Security Carbines for £1.60. These are also available as part of our 5 for £7 Deal.

This 44 page PDF details everything you need to know about Ulysses Argo and his mechanical creations. Fuelled by a deep hatred of humanity, Argo uses his robotic minions to wage war against mankind. The rules, background, behind the scenes info and stats are all here so you can get them into 7TV without having to know all that annoying machine code.

Crooked Dice has a new 7TV Programme Guide coming soon and it's all about the Heroes.

From the update:

Find out more about three of 7TV‘s most popular shows in this 128 page sourcebook. Inside you’ll find full backgrounds, stats, casts, locations, gadgets, vehicles, weapons and events for Department X, The Man From 2000 and The Beat.

If you have purchased any of the previous PDFs, don’t forget to use your discount code(s) during checkout. If you present all 3 codes, we’ll email you the link for the combined PDF free! (Manual email, please allow us some time…)

The book is released at Salute on 20th April 2013, if you want to collect please select this option. We’ll aim to get posted copies to you for this date as well. PDF only or Book+PDF only orders will have the PDF link when you complete checkout, orders with any other products will get the link when we complete the order (allow us a bit of time!).

Orders with the PDF include the shipping, other orders will have the usual shipping added when you checkout.

Crooked Dice has a new TV Programme Guide available for 7TV. The Beat, on sale now.
... if one of these books slipped out of your fingers and it fell... would you drop the beat?

From the guide:

Our latest PDF supplement for 7TV is available. The Beat are a tough squad of coppers, never far away from turning a blind eye or taking a bung. Full details on Beat and Criminal casts, loads of brilliant background, a new episode 'The Party Seven Samurai', new weapons, vehicles and much much more - including photography from Mr Kevin Dallimore.

The Beat will be combined with the earlier Department X and The Man From 2000 guides in a whopping 128 page printed volume available at Salute.

Crooked Dice has added a new limited print run of For Ghouls and Colleges for 7ombieTV in their webshop. Go check it out.

From the release:

Crooked Dice have printed a limited run of their 7ombieTV supplement.

For Ghouls and Colleges brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanors to 7ombieTV. Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts – the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys.

This is the LIMITED EDITION print run of our first 7ombieTV supplement (less than 100 copies available!).

This product includes the entire set of 25 Spawn Deck and 4 Event cards.

Crooked Dice has some new deals for the new year on their line of 7tv rules.

From the announcement:

Crooked Dice now have Starter, Bumper and Ultimate 7TV Deals available; each come with one or more rulebooks in both physical and PDF formats, cards, tokens and dice.

CD also have a similar Starter Deal available for 7ombieTV. All these deals save you money and feature discounted shipping compared to buying the books and accessories individually.

Check out the Special Offers Store page for links to all these deals

Crooked Dice now has their next programme guide available for 7tv: The Man From 2000.

From the release:

The latest 7TV Programme Guide from Crooked Dice is now in their web store.

This volume turns back the clock on project Time Lift – home of Darius, the Man From 2000.

54 pages of timey-whimey history, profiles (including dinosaurs!), cutaways, scripts and episodes to bring you and your 7TV games some Christmas cheer!

Grab the PDF for £5.

Crooked Dice isn't going to be left out of the Halloween fun. They've released their 7ombieTV expansion book over on their website.

From the release:

Just in time for Halloween, this 7ombieTV supplement brings a UK twist and some minor misdemeanours to your favourite horror skirmish game.

Play cannibal ghouls such as the twisted Number 11 or two new survivor casts - the Girls of St Searle’s or the vicious Borstal Boys. It's 44 pages packed with:

- New weapons and rules for Ghoul casts; including a new Elder Ghoul Star and new Cannibal and Feral Child Extras.

- Three new casts - the Girls of St Searle's, The Borstal Boys and the ghoulish Number 11 - each with Cast Event Cards.

- Five episodes including a linked story with scenarios from Chris Viau and Mik Hollands.

- A new Spawn deck to use with the episodes, but generally useful for random zed generation and solo games.

- A cardstock double decker from Wayne Peters.

- Background on the Barron Pictures failed foray into UK teen horror market by archivist Helena Rodings!

- Cracking photography from Kevin Dallimore!

In store now!

Crooked Dice has themselves a new website and to celebrate, they're having a sale.

From the update:

Our winged code monkeys have been working tirelessly in our HTML mines and fixing the dodgy wheels on our electronic shopping trolleys.

So finally our new Crooked Dice website is here and all working! This replaces our old hand-built site, and features state-of the art Store tags, categories and search abilities, as well as integrated posts and other modern interweb things.

To welcome you to the new site, we are pleased to give you 10% off all orders until the end of Saturday 13th October!

Simply put the code NEWDICESITE into the discount code part of the shopping cart to get it.

Crooked Dice has yet another programme (British spelling is so humorous... I mean, humourous, isn't it?) guide available for 7TV: S.H.I.V.A.

From the update:

Crooked Dice's second Programme Guide is out and deals with international criminal organisation - S.H.I.V.A.

S.H.I.V.A. believes in evil in all its forms, striking from hidden locations across the world. The many deadly minions of S.H.I.V.A. obey the will of the Guru without question, so beware!

42 pages of PDF detailing the episodes, behind the scenes & on-screen history, personalities weapons and equipment of S.H.I.V.A. From The Guru to the crazed Thuggees, get the stats you need as well as unique Event Cards and a new episode. All for £5.