TAG preview new Spanish Century figures

The Assault Group have added several photos of new additions to their 28mm Spanish Century range.

From their website:?

Work on our Spanish Century continues with more greens, dolls and parts from our Master Sculptors talented hands.
Firstly and the only complete ‘greens’ on show in this batch of miniatures, are a pair of Spanish Wives. These wife, not subtler or whores, as designated by the visible wearing of the households keys on their skirts, are going to be given away next month with a Spanish Century offer.

Secondly we have the dolls and horses for the three cavalry types necessary for the armies of the New World and the Italy. Heavy Cavalry are represented by Lancers for both theatres, but the Conquistador variants have 3/4 armour and heavy knee boots consistent with the rest of our miniatures, where as the European versions will have full plate from head to toe. Conquistador horses are shown with bells and bridles with fringes. Light cavalry for for the period is supplied by Genitors with very light armour and Javelins.

Also, we have another ordinance piece to add to our growing 16th Century ‘park’. This is a medium sized piece with a simple aiming device, it is taken from a Albrecht Durer print.