TAG preview Neapolitan Arquebusiers

The Assault Group have posted numerous preview photos of their 28mm Neapolitan Arquebusiers.

From their website:

Quite why I’ve taken so long to get the pictures of these latest greens on the workbench is anybodies guess, but it has been ages since we collected these miniatures from our sculptor Nick Collier, and only really my tardiness has stopped me showing them off earlier.

These are the final two packs of Neapolitan Spanish Arquebusier for the period leading up to 1525, s you can see we have gone for miniatures in marching and firing poses, to complement the standing and loading ones we already have on sale.

Once again Nick has chosen to represent these in the tight hoses and shoes that we popular in the period in contrast to the high topped boots used by our conquistadors. All carry swords and daggers.