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The Assault Group have updated their Workbench page with photos of the greens for the Great Italian War Command Group.

Italian Command Advancing

From their website:

Added to our Workbench feature today are the new greens for our Italian Infantry Commands.

Designed for the early period of the Great Italian War 1495 – 1520, they would be suitable to lead units for any of the City States or allied contingents in service of the larger powers. We have one packet of four miniatures, in advancing poses and one pack in more static poses, it is thought that the advancing ones would be suitable for our Arquebusier units and the static ones more suitable for Pike blocks, but in reality there would have been little difference between the units commanders.

Italian units seem to have specialised in huge drums and huge flags, and although we leave it to the modeller to get the flags looking great, these drums are particularly spectacular.