Coming To Make Learning a New Game Fun

TabletTopTutorials is an up-and-coming website that’s going to help you learn to play all the different games that exist out there.
They’re gonna be busy.

From the launch:

TableTopTutorials is out to make learning a tabletop game just as fun as playing one.

We’re building a website dedicated to bring tabletop gamers the best tutorial content. We’ll be opening it up to user-submitted content as well as creating our own content. The best content (be it ours or anyone elses) will rise to the top via user votes and will be the most prominently displayed.

  • PrincessFred

    Exciting Idea! The Kickstarter project is here for anyone interested!

  • Robert

    I’m thinking this isn’t going to pass muster.

  • Right, there is no explanation of how access to the site works in the presentation, but if you look at rewards – it’s going to be adfunded and you can pay to have an adfree experience. I get that this is a business, but the content that is being made through this kickstarter is specifically “pandemic, munchkin and settlers of catan” none of which need any more reviews or explanations. Thus – you are counting on members adding content. So will people get an incentive to do this?

    This reminds me a lot of that other kickstarter that wanted to create a miniature community by selling blogspace with storefronts. There are sooo many review sites out there and soo many tutorials and communities that are large. Unless you offer an incentive for people to add content you will have a hard time competing with say BGG, nor does your 3 min cue card reading tutorial/review demo inspire me when there are so many talented and dedicated reviewers out there already.

    Also – the pledge rewards are for an adfree experience. There is no content – So I guess the 3 months or whatever the pledge is for starts when there is content? Stuff that should be in the kickstarter. When you say 2 of you are web designers I find it interesting that so much info is lacking.

    The higher pledges get beta access so basically you are asking people to pay to become QA testers – that is a paid position in a serious endevour and one I have held. I find it rude that so many kickstarters seem to think this counts as a reward, when it’s serious work.

    Either I am not getting it or you are doing a poor job of presenting your idea. The demo was not very inspiring.

    I know this sounds harsh, but I don’t really understand what you are adding to this highly saturated market.