Tabletop World releases their Graveyard kit

Tabletop World releases their new Graveyard kit.

From their announcement:

Hello guys,
We are proud to announce that one of our most complex projects so far is finally finished – our new Graveyard kit. Check it out 😉

  • supervike

    That is seriously impressive. A great setting for Strange Aeons games!

  • odinsgrandson

    That is some nice looking terrain there.

  • That issome serious niceness but the price is a bit out of my league. I learned to scrach build through many years of practice to avoid buying expensive pieces.

  • Orca


  • haywire

    Beautiful Work.

    94 Euros ~= $130 USD

    I hate to compare to GW Garden of Morr, but their kit is $42

  • Nachtpfiffel

    But you must like a redicilus amount of skulls- here I see a graveyard that looks nice and does not try to be scary in a little boy way of spookiness.

  • MadNes

    I wanna play some Malifaux on THIS!!!

  • as79

    $130!? LMAO, that’s some seriously overpriced terrain!

    As Haywire mentioned, GW’s is 1/3 the cost of this. I’m always amazed that so many will comment on how “ridiculously priced” GW’s models are on every single GW news post but will defend another company’s price gouging because it “doesn’t have skulls”….and I don’t even play GW games anymore.