Tabletop Workshop posts New 28mm Castle Wall Preview

Tabletop Workshop is showing off some more previews of their upcoming sectional castle walls.


From the preview:

Tabletop Workshop are excited to show you the more details of the upcoming new 28mm Castle Wall. The new wall follows on from last month’s preview of the 28mm Castle Round Tower. These two fantastic pieces of scenery will eventually be joined together by a set of connector pieces as part of the Tabletop Workshop Castle. The connector pieces will be previewed on the Tabletop Workshop on Thursday 17th April.

We recommend gluing the Castle Wall into three separate levels. These are the base, the middle layer and the parapet. The base and the middle layer contain six pieces and are fully modular. As they use the same slots, more and more middle layers can be added to make the wall as big as you want. Or if preferred, gamers can even leave the middle section out altogether and have a small Castle Wall.

The Castle Wall is designed to offer wargaming on multiple levels. The parapet is easy to take off and slot back in so that the gamer can move figures inside the Castle Wall. As well as this, the back of the wall can be left off completely allowing the figures to be easily accessed throughout the whole game.

As usual with Tabletop Workshop scenery, there is plenty of detail on the inside and outside and due to the fantastic texture of the stonework on the exterior of the castle, it will also be easy to paint. In fact, the wall can be fully set up in no time at all.