Tabletop Workshop 28mm Medieval Range Terrain now available

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 2nd, 2013

Tabletop Workshop has started their new Medieval range of terrain with their new Chapel and Cottage.


From the release:

We are pleased to announce our exclusive 28mm Medieval model building range is finally set for release, starting with the Chapel. It is simple to paint and only requires a few layers of dry-brushing before it is really brought to life. The starting price looks set to be £22. We think this is great value for money for a product of the Chapel’s quality. It will be released on our website and will be available internationally.

Following on from the chapel is the Medieval Cottage. This’ll be available from the web store in early October for around £20. We’ve recently painted one of these up and the final result looks absolutely fantastic. We’re really impressed at how the texture of model is brought out through dry-brushing it with a few layers of paint.

Recently, we also announced on our Facebook that the next products to be produced are a simple 2 storey dwelling, and a more affluent 2 storey dwelling (think Merchant’s house or small Inn). These both come with an upper floor and should be available in the build-up to Christmas.

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  • Schmapdi

    These are pretty nice – a little pricey for how basic they are – but once they hit online discounters I think they’ll be pretty fair.

    Plus it’s super nice to see some plastic fantasy terrain. Especially not festooned with skulls. I hope they branch out into other areas aside from just basic medieval though.

  • mweaver

    For me, basic Medieval village buildings are exactly what I need. Although I agree that hopefully the range will be successful enough that they can merrily expand to other genres as well!

    For me, the fact that they seem to have detailed interiors is a major plus – I’d recommend including a statement to that effect in the product description. For those of us who mainly play RPGs and/or skirmish games, having interior access is a must.

    Doesn’t look like they are in the shop yet. But I will certainly order at least one of these first two to check the range out, once they are available.

  • Tabletop Workshop

    The buildings are indeed as detailed inside as they are outside, and at around £20/£22 each we think they are superb value for money. These are not flimsy models, there is a solid structure to them, and they are easy to paint and assemble. We know you will just love em.

    They will be available in our online shop initially, as soon as we get the boxes – sometime next week.

    Also, we have no intention of stopping at medieval, we will be branching into other areas, and we are looking at doing more than just buildings – roads, walls, ruins , etc as we progress. Thank you for your interest and all feedback is welcome.