Tabletop Wokshop 28mm Hard Plastic Cottage Now Released

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 12th, 2013

Tabletop Workshop released their next hard plastic terrain piece over on their website. Now you can get the Cottage to go with your Chapel.


From the release:

Tabletop Workshops Cottage and Chapel model kits are now available to purchase.
Highly detailed, easy to paint and assemble, and they clip together straight out of the box in seconds

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  • Gallahad

    Those look nice, but also very pricey. I can get a whole GW fortified manor for only a couple more dollars (at full retail) for what they are asking for a chapel and a cottage.

  • Zemlod

    That’s a pity. These look really nice, however they are –in my opinion– too expensive for what you get. I’m sure they could have been produced for less. Maybe iy you leave away the modularity (ie glue them together instead of interlocking parts), ship them on the sprue instead of nicely cleaned etc..

  • Gallant

    These do look nice, but they are comparably priced with Grand Manner buildings, which are the gold standard of historical buildings. We also have some really nice MDF buildings that have come onto the market in the last year or two. 4Ground has their hamlet and villiage sets that net you two small residential building, pre-painted for 21GBP.

    This works out to over 40USD shipped either to the US or Continental Europe. Mind you 4Ground charges a stupid amount for shipping, but I don’t order directly from them. You do have them beat in shipping costs.

    I’ll be looking forward to the reviews.

    • Tabletop Workshop

      We did a lot research before deciding what we put into the buildings, and also what they needed to be priced at, and we know everyone will have their own requirements and opinions. However I would like to point out that our buildings are around half the price of the equivalent top quality resin stuff like Grandmanner, and around the same price as the best laser cut stuff. We wanted to capture as much of the resin feel, with the high detail we can achieve in hard plastic, with ease of paint and assembly, but at a similar price to the laser cut mdf stuff.
      Of course, we could have made them cheaper, we could have made a flimsy frame set of pieces all needing gluing together, and with no internal details. But this is not what we wanted to bring to the market, what we want is for gamers to have more buildings available to them, which are easy to assemble and use, and that have the look and feel of quality to them. We hope we have achieved that.
      We have lot’s more designs in production, and we look forward to releasing them.