Tabletop Hooligans TANKS-Giving Give-away

Tabletop Hooligans are having a contest as part of their annual TANKS-Giving celebration.

From their announcement:

OK, time for another Contest!

This one is a good one. We figured we should give away something awesome for Thanksgiving so we are gonna do just that. Its TANKS-GIVING. The rules are simple:

  1. Send us an email telling us what youre thankful for in gaming this year.
  2. Make it funny, happy, sad, whatever just make it entertaining.
  3. Videos are acceptable.
  4. Send your entries to by Thursday, November 25, 2010.
  5. We’ll pick the best entry and the winner will receive their choice of the following:
    • Any non-Forgeworld warhammer 40k tank or walker
    • Any Warhammer Fantasy vehicle/warmachine (dragon, plague furnace, corpse cart…etc…)
    • Any Warhmachine Heavy Warjack
    • Any Hordes Heavy Warbeast

The winner will be announced on Episode 11 of our show.

Its that simple guys. get your entries in ASAP cause there isn’t much time left. Good Luck and have fun.