Tabletop Hooligans episode 7: Gen Con Wrap-up

Episode 7 of the Tabletop Hooligans podcast is their look at Gen Con 2010.

From their announcement:

So, Gen Con. The Best Four Days in Gaming. In Episode 7 we discuss what we saw at Gen Con. We talk about the Warmachine events, new games we played and a few interviews here and there. It’s just a general Gen Con wrap-up, Hooligans style.

Episode 7 is more like a free from discussion of our take on The Best Four Days In Gaming. We also bring you our normal brand of Hooligans antics and wise cracks. We also are proud to announce Tabletop Hooligans has teamed up with Nathan Grealish, owner of This is the new home of the Tabletop Hooligans discussions. At MBR there are four main forums, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes, and yup, you guessed it – our very own Tabletop Hooligans page. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.