Taban Miniatures posts up their February releases for Eden

Taban Miniatures shows off their releases for this month for Eden.

From the announcement:

Here are our February releases for EDEN, the first wave of 2013!

Dunbar, mercenary
The Butcher, dominant for the hord
Carmin Onryo, assassin ISC drone
Almeh Askari, mutant female warrior
Sister Arya, new sculpt by Gael Goumon

Available for order on our online store

  • Lemminkaeinen

    A very cool bunch with the Butcher and the Carmine Onryo being my favourites. Real feel of menace to both of those but in a very different way.

  • Borzag

    One of the most beautiful and best games that nobody’s playing…. might pick up one or two for painting.

    • GorilaMaguila

      Then my name must be Nobody. I´m feeling part of The Odyssey, because I play Eden and I´m not even french…