Taban Miniatures Distributes Master Miniatures

Taban Miniatures introduces a brand new range edited by a group of enthusiasts found of (very) beautiful miniatures, Master Miniatures

From their announcement:

We are proud to distribute their first model: the ORC BALLISTA ON WARBEAST … many others references should follow!

The master model is an original concept of the talented sculptor Cosse Benoit (From whom the former Rackham range got many remarkable pieces). Original painted version by the equally talented Mohamed “Mohand” Ait Mehdi, international awards winner and also freelance sculptor. The model comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, and will be fired in three successive waves of 100 units …

Pre-orders start today and shipping on the 15th/01

Only 300 resin copies of this Orcish ballista on killer Warbeast will be casted . This great model made of 16 finely sculpted pieces is 40mm long and 100 tall !

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  • Orca


  • number9

    Interesting. This had long been rumored as a Rackham piece meant for Confrontation (or at least something very similar looking). Guess Legacy won’t be releasing it then. Good luck to the sellers and happy painting to the buyers.

  • Veritas

    That orc riding out front, his hat has Behemoth Orc written all over it! I’d buy this in a second for like 80 euro, but 150 is not happening.