Syystem Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

Syystem is a new sci-fi RPG up on Kickstarter. It puts players in the outer rim of a solar system where greed, corruption, and murders of convenience are commonplace. How will they survive and thrive in such a setting? Well, it won’t be easy, especially when the rules of the game are shifting and changing beneath their feet.

About the game:

Set in the same solar syystem as the first game they generated, MYYTHIC, this games explores what happens in the outer rim solar planets.

Systematically, the flow of greed, corruption, and murder becomes the standard. Nothing in the SYYSTEM is working anymore, and is breaking down.

SYYSTEM is about trying to balance power. What makes this game unique breaks into 3 areas.
1: Consequence Rolls: Spells have them.
2: 100 Game Rule Changes: The game itself breaks and changes its own rules.
3: Challenge the Ruling of the GM: You can try 3 times.

Players can play 1 of 12 classes. Each class breaks into 3 sub classes. Each sub-class is a fun and different way to play the Class you pick.

Races in the game are broken into classic sci-fi (meaning aliens) and fantasy races. Like the hands of a clicking clock, both aspects of races are explored in this game with the perfect blend of talents only they can perform. Yet, in the scope of the worlds in the universe, whether they are Dwarves, or Trizoidians, if they exist on a planet, they would be aliens to each other.

Players will be able to build characters in unique and cunning ways. Characters will come to life more, and the players will begin to pick skills and abilities that affect other skills. As you grow in your character, your challenges will grow with you.

In a world where corporations war with each other, each of them with their own corporate armies, territories become killing zones. But you need money to move from point A to Point B, and only Goblins can move the kind of money corporations need. BUT…you might need an Ambassador to keep the Politicians from wanting any taxes (KICK_BACKs) they may want too. Yet, if Goblins start to move money, the Bankers will look to hire the dark arts to wipe out competition, and if Ninjas or Corporate Spies start to get involved, this could get messy. Yet, normally looking for peace, if the balance is broken, the sanctuary of the Monks will get involved again, and they don’t like what they have to do to fix the peace. Even more, war brings out casualties, and Boom Docs will be needed, or just to throw a party. But all-in-all, food, water, and everyday things are still needed to live, and Corporations and Governments need to survive the SYYSTEM to supply the common folk. The problem is, the common folk are now working with other parties (Shoguns) for safety. Who is in charge? Who runs the SYYSTEM?

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It’s set to continue for another 58 days.