Synopsis Party Game Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

There’s all sorts of parlor games that have been played for quite a long time, but they’ve never been really brought to the tabletop. In this case, it’s an old British parlor game where players are looking to create interesting, funny, and creative anecdotes. The new version is called Synopsis, and it will be headed to Kickstarter next month.

About the game:

You could say I’ve been playing this game my entire life. Synopsis is inspired by a traditional British parlor game my family has been playing for generations, especially around the holidays. I have really fond memories of playing it over the years. At aged 5 or 6, I distinctly remember all of my answers included the word poo! I also remember my mum and aunt crying with laughter as they wrote their responses. And then continuing to cry with laughter as they read them aloud.

Back then we would scramble to find scraps of paper and there was only one set list of questions that would be repeated over and over. After months of research and development, I’ve reimagined the concept and created a game for future generations to enjoy.

The objective is to collaborate with your friends and family to create a series of entertaining anecdotes. Players have complete creative freedom to write whatever they like, which makes for some hilarious results!