Super-sized Army Deals from Mantic

Mantic Games is expanding the figures available in their Army Deals for a limited time.

From their announcement:

Until the 1st of March we have decided to super-size all of our main army deals. Here at Mantic is has always been our aim to make it as easy as possible to have that huge army you have always dreamed of, this offer just makes it so easy.

These super-sized sets are only going to be available for a limited time, so make sure you pick up your army of choice now.

Here is what we have added to our already fantastic value deals:

  • Liche King’s Hell Horde: 10 additional Revenant Cavalry and a Mantic Bag.
  • The Dark Lord’s Army of Death: 20 Ghouls with Ghast and a Mantic Bag.
  • Malak’s Endless Hordes: 20 Revenants and the Liche King.
  • Grafe’s Iron Legion: 20 Dwarf Rangers and a Mantic Bag.
  • Baldr’s Armoured Battalion: 20 additional Shieldbreakers and the limited Edition Dwarf Engineer with Drill.
  • Lord Elthenar’s Vengeful Cohort: 20 Elven Scouts, 5 Stormwind Cavalry Troop, including a limited edition rider and a Mantic Bag.
  • Eldrin’s Personal Guard: 20 Sea Guard and 10 Pre-release metal Elven Archers.

  • 4tonmantis

    Is this a sign that Mantic is in a slump or quite the opposite? It’s hard to understand how healthy their range of minis is when they’re having sales every other week. While I love lower cost alternatives to GWs overpriced static multiparts I don’t get an overwhelming feeling of confidence in regards to this companies longevity.

    • Zac

      Is this a sign that Mantic is in a slump or quite the opposite?

      Hard to tell. They might also have a business plan that requires a low amount of stock so they may want to keep promoting products to keep their stock levels low.

  • cannondaddy

    I think they’re just trying to be very aggressive in promoting their company. It’s got to be a hard market to get established in. They are directly competing with WHFB for “massed combat” gaming dollars.

  • I believe Mantic is a small company that needs to recover their investment as fast as they can to keep getting minis on the street, that’s why you got the sales, the different bundles with the same sprues and the upcoming boardgame, again with the same models on it.

    I believe ‘ll just buy anything with undeads on it to get a bigger horde, it’s a great deal they can double on the boardgame too and so on… I have some models and will be trying a fantasy DBMM mod some guys did at my club.