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By tgn_admin
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May 24th, 2011

The is now accepting pre-orders for the Super Dungeon Explore starter set from Soda Pop Miniatures. E-figures Distribution has more details of the starter and its content. No word on when Soda Pop Miniatures will be offering pre-orders.

Super Dungeon Explore  back of box

  • 52 miniatures at that price?!

    They are like $8 a piece over at Soda Pop

    Are they doing them in plastic or something?

    • kilvati

      If you look at the picture above I think they might be plastics. To bad there isn’t a higher res of that picture.

      • Zac

        There is at the E-figures site

        • ctaylor

          Hmm, couldn’t find a higher res image of the back cover, just the front cover. Do you have a link?

    • Yes, Plastics.

  • will_urban

    I saw it at PAX. Can’t wait! The models in the box set are indeed plastic. Plus they are a bit smaller scale also. Same model, smaller size by about 15%. They said they went that way to provide the box set for a more reasonable cost. They are also going to be releasing monster packs and stuff. I don’t see the big troll thing on the back of the box which I think is an additional boss model.

  • SirAngry

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this and other board games like KoD, because when I was younger it was the board games that I used to play with my mates after school, it was these games that kept the hobby alive for me. I have very fond memories of these sorts of game, and I’ll definitely be picking it up!!!

  • Saw this for the first time last Gen Con. I’ve been following it since; I was really hoping for a Gen Con release; excellent.

  • Repeter

    This game has a great price point for its contents. Plus, my wife actually wants to play. Must be the cute minis?

  • I’m super excited about this!

  • grimbergen

    Is there character advancement/leveling for linked games? Or is it mean to be played as one-off sessions?

  • ninja007

    HELL YES. I didn’t even know plastics were in the works. This is what “value” looks like, competitors…I am definitely going all-in for the Super Dungeon Explore Hobby. =)

  • Nemesis

    I might give it a try. Any reviews available yet? I’ve already planed to buy Dungeon Run from Plaid Hat Games. Not sure I will buy another dungeon crawling game this year… But… Who knows…

    • Zac

      Any reviews available yet?

      You can download a demo package from their website and give it a try yourself.

      • Nemesis


  • GSMC

    Is that including 16 figures. very good even if they are plastics.

    • Jon F

      It’s including 52 figures, going by the picture of the back of the box.

      I did wonder how SPM would price the complete game, given their pricing of the figures by themselves. Now we have the answer: plastics!

      I’m really looking forward to this!

  • TWS_Marketing

    Game Contents: 52 highly detailed Soda Pop Miniatures, Custom Super Dungeon Battle Dice, Character and Minion Stat Cards, Loot and Treasure Card Decks, 5 Large, Double Sided Dungeon Boards, 32 Page Rule Book

    The images on the Back of the box are renders of the figures and they are indeed plastic.

  • scarletsquig

    Looks amazing. Definitely buying this.