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Jul 19th, 2015

Hello, beautiful readers, and welcome to another Sunday. Here at the bear cave, I’m doing a bit of cleaning and then I’ve got some Gen Con prep to work on. Yeah, the show is getting ever-closer. It’ll be here before you know it. Just one more weekend after this before it’s here. Will you be coming to the show? If so, lemme know. Maybe we can talk gaming (one of my favorite activities).

But that’s for a couple weeks from now. At the moment, we’ve got some bite-sized stories to share.

In this batch we have: CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters has a teaser trailer for their Kickstarter launch, Gods and Monsters posts Kickstarter Video, A couple more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Dead Earth Games Posts The Shattered Crown Gameplay Video, and DGS Games announces Freeblades Kickstarter stretch goals and future Demon Faction.

CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters has a teaser trailer for their Kickstarter launch


Pulposaurus Entertainment will launch its Kickstarter for the Conan: Rise of Monsters pre-painted miniatures game on Friday, July 31.

Gods and Monsters posts Kickstarter Video

Gods and Monsters

Arthur’s clockworks roll out in just under 4 days! Show us your support on Prefundia and look for more videos soon.

The Fiver with Royce Banuelos on Designing Pigskin


Roar! My name is Royce Banuelos with Roar Art Games! Iā€™m a board game enthusiast who lives in St. Louis, MO with my wife and a fantastically silly baby girl. I spent 10+ years as a punk rock drummer playing in bands, sleeping on dirt and making no money and now I design board games.

The Fiver with Tim Obermueller on Designing Greatest of All Mountains

Greatest of all Mountains

Hi, my name is Tim Obermueller and I am the owner/developer at Tim Obermueller Games. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I still live. I am currently in a marketing/advertising position. I have a passion for writing and playing tabletop games, which is kind of how I got into the game business.

Dead Earth Games Posts The Shattered Crown Gameplay Video

Dead Earth Games have uploaded a video of The Shattered Crown author Rich Chappell talking through the unique turn/initiative system and some of the basics of combat for the game.

DGS announces Freeblades Kickstarter stretch goals and future Demon Faction


DGS Games announced on Saturday the development of a new Shadow Demon faction for their Freeblades game that is part of a stretch goal in their ongoing Creatures of Faelon Kickstarter.

From their Kickstarter Update:

“If we reach our first stretch goal of $10000, we will not only unlock an entirely new model ā€“ the Karbazaal, a demon leader ā€“ we will provide the rules for a brand new faction: THE SHADOW DEMONS! Yes, that is right, help us get to our stretch goal and we will not only give you one of the most powerful models in the game to date, it will lead a ninth faction into the game system. The Shadow Demon faction will be led by the Karbazaal with the Mokruhl as its caster. Its heroes will be Ventarx, Skethar, Gadarl and Saryad. And its followers will be the Dryad and two new models that will be the 2d and 3d stretch goals.”

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