Studio release plastic WWII german Zombies

By tgn_admin
In Horror
May 13th, 2011

Studio Miniatures have released their 28mm plastic WWII German Zombie miniatures.

WWII German Zombies

From their website:

These multipart plastic miniatures are in 28mm. With two bodies, three sets of arms, 1 spare head and a German Army field cap per sprue you have over 100 different possible variations and that’s even before you use the same arms but in different positions.

These miniatures come in a box set of 15 sprues giving you 30 different miniatures per set and 30 25mm round plastic bases at £20 per box set.

  • General Hobbs

    The wargaming world needed these the way fat kids need soda.

  • I thought these came out months ago? Am I totally confused?

  • IndyMike

    I’m just getting into Incursion and think these would be awesome zombies for that game. Does Studio Miniatures sell to the states?

    • I’ve ordered from their site before man, you can indeed.

      They have distribution here too; so you can likely get your FLGS to get them for you.

  • Finally more REALLY nice figs for Incursion! 😀