Studio McVey release Y’Sidyra

Studio McVey have added a new miniature to their online store, Y’Sidyra the Weaponmaster.

From their announcement:

The latest release in our Limited Edition resin series is in the Studio Store now! Y’Sidyra is a beautifully detailed Seven-piece resin miniature with concept art and sculpting by Studio McVey veteran Yannick Hennebo. 

Y’Sidyra is one of our most dynamic miniatures to date – the scene shows him leaping through the cavern terrain of the shrine he guards. I love the balance and delicacy of the sculpt – action poses can be really hard to pull-off and the figure can easily look awkward and unbalanced. I think Yannick has really done a great job on capturing the grace and power of the character.

As usual, there will be more pictures over on the blog later today.