Studio McVey release Sharro

Studio McVey have released their latest miniature, Sharro.

From their announcement:

We have just added the latest in our Limited Edition resin miniature series to the Studio Store. Sharro is a finely detailed five-piece resin miniature.

This miniature is based on a piece of artwork from Brian ‘Chippy” Dugan and has been sculpted in amazing detail by Thomas David – who also sculpted Vitharr for us. Sharro is quite a bit finer and smaller than our previous releases (she’s 32mm tall rather than our usual 35, and very slim), but Thomas has still managed to capture an amazing amount of character and detail. We felt the futuristic look of the original art called for a slightly different approach – it’s not clear if she’s human or cyborg. We’re really happy with how she turned out.

There are more pictures over on the Studio McVey Blog, and we’ll be showing Chippy’s original artwork there in the next few days – it’s a really beautiful piece.