Studio McVey release Ar-Fiach

Studio McVey have added a new limited edition resin miniature to their online store, Ar-Fiach.


From their website:

All the news seems to have been about the Sedition Wars range recently – so I thought we’d better put something out for the Limited Edition resin range!

Ar-Fiach is another in our irregular series of Faerie miniatures – so far we have Ar-Fienel (now all sold out) and Al-Vianna on one side, and Y’Sala and Y’Sydira on the other. Ar-Fiach tips things back into the light, but maybe not for too long…

The others are available in the Studio Store.

This one is another fantastic sculpt from Yannick, and based on a concept by Stephen Tappin (site under construction). It’s a really beautifully detailed, evocative piece. I’ll post the concept here soon, along with some more pictures of the resin casting.

  • mathieu

    Yet another gorgeous model from Studio McVey. The only thing I don’t 100% love about this one is the raven… I also like how there seems to be some sort of consistency from one model to the other, with light faeries and dark faeries. I really hope they eventually come up with a complete universe in which these fit 🙂

  • JaytotheROC

    Nice fig…although I’m still kicking myself for not getting Lt Kara Black when I had the chance!

  • Tommygun

    Very nice and a little different too.