Studio McVey Christmas Sale and Sedition Wars Resins available

Studio McVey is having a Christmas Sale going on now over in their webshop. They’ve also got some new limited edition Sedition Wars resins available.


From the announcement:

As it’s Cyber Monday we thought we launch our Christmas Sale. We are offering 25% off every item in the store for the whole of December, all you need to do is spend £20 or more and you will qualify for the discount.

Just enter the code SMXSALE at the checkout and you will receive 25% off.

I have also just added some new Sedition Wars resin castings to the store too. There are four different Samaritans, and the Cthonian – all cast in beautify quality resin. These are all limited availability – we just have a few of each, and once they are gone, we may not get them back in stock for a while (if ever).