STUDIO 38 to continue Alkemy support

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 22nd, 2011

STUDIO 38 have announced that they have acquired the Alkmey game and range and will be continuing to support it with continued production.

Avalonian Bushwhackers

Avalonian Bushwhackers

From their announcement:

STUDIO 38 announced that they are continuing production of the ALKEMY range.

First new releases are:

  • Avalonian Bushwhackers
  • Wolf Spirit Guards
  • Malikh Venator and Desert Khergars

Resin casts. Each mini have a resin textured base. Cards available in english on the STUDIO 38 website

  • I was hoping that would go through. I look forward to picking up with Alkemy once more.

  • FellBlade

    thank god, one of the best games ive ever played

  • Hetzer

    Outstanding! I love the Avalonian sculpts and the dice mechanic is IMHO one of the most novel in all of gaming. Good to see this is staying around.

  • Definitely happy to see this. Brasidas and I were just discussing playing some Alkemy again, this comes as great news.

  • Mananarepublic

    Yes – this game has the best rules around, very happy about this!


  • AoM

    I’ll wait and see what the prices end up being. While the bases are nice, They won’t necessarily match my existing stuff, and a force of resin models makes me wonder if the economy of scale will help keep prices reasonable instead of having units prices as a total of a la carte display pieces.

    • Morf

      10 Euro for two miniatures, 12 for 3 and 15 for 4 ain’t that bad. I don’t think they are far off (if not better) from the original pricing. Glad to see Alkemy back!