Stretch Goals announced for Impact! 17 Fantasy Football team KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures is already halfway to their goal on their Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter campaign, so they figured they should show off some stretch goals for the project.

Stretch Goals


From the update:

STRETCH GOALS??? How about getting free figures just to joining early? Impact! has announced funding goals for their KickStarter for this week.

If we reach $13,000 by 10am EST, Friday May 2nd, every backer who is in the project at that time for the GET THE REF or higher reward one free item from the add-on list that is valued at $8 or less.

If we reach both goals than every backer at the GET THE REF or higher reward will get their choice of two free items valued at $8 or less add-on list (from both goals unlocking) OR can change it to one free $14 or less add-on item.

(free items depending on the entire KickStarter funding as well of course)