Streets of Malifaux preview

By tgn_admin
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Jun 16th, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures have posted previews of assembled samples of the Streets of Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets.

Streets of Malifaux

From their website:

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with just the TerraClips Sewers preview did you? Of course not. Below you can see that our friends at World Works Games have been busy playing with Streets and Buildings as well (and you can even see how they’ve been build on top of the sewers as well).

You can also see how easily it is to do multi-layered layouts and access lower levels by simply lifting off the levels stacked above. I think I’ve talked enough, the photos do it so much more justice.

(and yes, for you sharp eyed individuals, those are Malifaux tokens designed to match the terrain which are included with each set. In addition, there are these pop-outs with the same graphics as each set which fit into our bases, so your minis can be based on the same graphics.)

  • PanzerKraken

    Going to pick these up for sure, but would love to see a video or something of stuff like removing the street like in the picture. Wonder how strong the whole thing is or is it something you have to be very delicate with while playing on.

    • Brant

      Denny (of WWG) is planning on making some videos showing these off I believe. I can say that the old version of last Gencon was pretty sturdy when picking up and moving, and the material for the release version is considerably thicker and more durable.

  • Zac

    Wow. That is pretty impressive. Certainly work well for games like Strange Aeons or horror games as well

  • Depending on ease of use and cost I may just suggest picking some of these up to my Mordhiem group.

    • elril

      The cost is ~50$ retail for 6 sq. ft.

      • Well guess now I gotta’ pitch it to the gang. Thanks, Elril.

      • Jon F

        It seems that the price will be more like $67 for one box worth of terrain: the clips are not included with the tiles.

        So to make the Streets plus Buildings layout it will cost $49 + $18 + $49 + $18 = $134

        The Sewers layout we saw earlier would cost the same: two boxes of card plus two boxes of clips.

        • Zac

          Even at that cost its an easy purchase considering how varied and multi-level that terrain example is. The idea of being able to build a table with a sewer, streets and multi-story buildings with levels you can game through is incredible.

          And its well beyond my ability to make on my own 🙂

          • Jon F

            Oh yes, I agree! The layouts look absolutely fantastic and will transform my skirmish games from what’s been essentially 2D into genuine 3D. I am really looking forward to these.

            I hope Terraclips/Wyrd develop a modern set very soon. Then a space station set, then a Stalingrad set, then…

        • PanzerKraken

          I really don’t see the point of them selling these without the clips. Anyone who buys a box is going to have a bunch of useless cardboard? Seems extremely odd that they don’t give you some clips with each set. I can imagine it’s going to confuse many people as it seems many expected the clips to be included.

          • WEiRD sKeTCH

            Costs and packaging. <=There’s the point you’re looking for.

            It states on the front of the box that the “TerraClips Clips Required”

          • keltheos

            Jamming angled plastic pieces into a box of lays flat cardboard doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. I’m personally glad they did this, will keep the cardboard from getting clip imprints on it during shipping.

          • Zac

            The number of clips you need is also going to vary from project to project and I am guessing that having a minimum number in the box would eventually just disappoint some number of people.

            If you are already going to have a SKU for the clips and people are going to eventually need them then it seems simpler to just not include them, keep the packaging simpler, and cheaper, and have people buy them

  • Looks great. I’ll be sure to pick up some with the hopes that it would help them develop other types of scenery such as modern or sci-fi.

  • tajnisvet

    The cardboard is very thick. I like that. I would be interested in video too, since 50 bucks are lot to pay if the product isn’t durable or highest quality. However, from those pics, it’s unlikely.

    • Bewulf

      Considering the reputation of the companies and the fact that they pushed back the release nearly a year because they were not satisfied with the inital quality (see I have little doubt.

      Still I would also love a video, especially to see how well the clips handle whole sections being removed.

  • Veritas

    Man, I wish Corvus Belli had partnered with these guys to make terrain. Infinity terrain like this would have me cracking open my wallet in joy.

    • Osbad

      Now there’s a good idea! Yes indeedy! +1 for that as a concept!

  • widgren

    i sure hope these will sell well. it would be awsome to see this concept include sci fi or moderns like a office complex or.. it would be an instant sell. keep inventing and keep exploring.

  • Jens

    Looks like a good product – on the one hand side it looks a bit more like a boardgame that way and can’t compare to well done scenery imho, but it is not too expensive and you get a decent looking playing field which is very modular and you likely won’t need to spent that long to build it.

  • Osbad

    I’m liking this a lot. I’m quite happy with card/paper terrain generally – particularly when it is variable and durable like this appears to be. I can see these being used for games of Warmachine and Strange Aeons too. I suspect I may get some of these if they come out in time for my birthday later in the year!