Strange Aeons Starter Bundle available

Uncle Mike’s have added a Strange Aeons Starter Bundle to their online store. This includes all of the miniatures needed to get started playing their Cthulhu based skirmish game.

Starter Bundle

From their website:

Whether you’re starting from scratch and need enough to get you started, or looking for reinforcements to bolster your existing collection, the Strange Aeons Starter Bundle has what you need, and offers a significant savings compared to purchasing the models individually:

  • 3 unique Threshold Agents
  • “Agent Lovecraft”, previously only available as a Limited Edition promotional model
  • Cult Leader
  • 2 Cultists with Knife
  • 2 Cultists with Pistol
  • Fishman
  • Formless Thing
  • 4 Objective Markers

This selection of models is more than adequate for starting players, providing sufficient options/point value to tide you over for quite some time.