Strange Aeons shipping delay

Due to Canada Post workers being locked out, mail delivery from and to Canada is halted and this has a direct impact on shipments of Strange Aeons merchandise from Uncle Mike’s Worldwide.

From their website:

Much to our dismay, Canadian postal service is suspended until further notice.  We will therefore be unable to ship orders until the situation is resolved.  Most international packages tend to leave Canada within a day or two, so orders placed last week will most likely have escaped the country prior to service stopping.  Apologies for any inconvenience, but this is obviously completely beyond our control.

  • I love Strange Aeons. I hope they weather this small storm well.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Man, that’s unfortunate. Strange Aeons is great and I hope they don’t suffer too much from the postal strike. As a Canadian I feel a bit of conflict between supporting a labour union with legitimate grievances, and getting my toys on time. Supposedly legislation is in the works that force them back to work.

  • supervike

    Luckily, I recieved mine just today. All the books, and several of the cool little minis. Great looking stuff.

  • neldoreth

    Ah, and so the Harper government continues to rear it’s ugly head! STOP HARPER, and resolve the dispute so we can get our letter carriers back to work!


    • Zac

      Lets keep the political discussion for TMP please.