Strange Aeons Godling and 2nd printing

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide are now selling copies of their Strange Aeons Godling figure and have received stock of a second print of their rules.


From their announcement:

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide is proud to announce the release of the limited edition Godling, our massive tentacled horror. The solid resin kit assembles to a height of nearly 6″ at the head and 9″ overall, and includes a scenic base strewn with the skulls of countless former snacks. Only 100 will be produced for worldwide distribution.

We’ve also received a second printing of both our core rulebook and first expansion, Shocking Tales of Madness & Mayhem #1. Shocking Tales purchasers will continue to receive a free Suicide Cultist miniature, and the Seduction of Innocence rules bundle is also once again available.