Strange Aeons 2010 Brush Off

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide is running a Strange Aeons painting contest.

From their website:

This month we’re pleased to announce our first annual Brush Off. painting competition.  The rules are simple: paint any one pack of Strange Aeons miniatures and send us a picture at (GIF or JPG format, preferably no larger than 1024×768).  We’ll post it in our soon-to-be-activated web gallery (let us know what name you want the image credited to), where it will await judgement on December 1st.  

Check out the prizes:

  • 1st Place – Our next three miniature releases
  • 2nd Place – Our next two miniature releases
  • 3rd Place – Out next miniature release

So not only do you get the glory of victory and some spiffy new figures to paint, you get them before anyone else does.