Storm of Magic rumours and photos

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Jun 12th, 2011

Warseer has posted a new thread consolidating the various pieces of information and photos regarding the upcoming Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer Fantasy.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    To me this actually makes WHFB look interesting. Of course I have no real interest in painting tokens – shame this isn’t in Warmaster too.

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • keltheos

    I’m exactly the opposite. This is the Big Event for the summer? More ways to trick out magic in the game? ZZzzzzzz.

  • Veritas

    I’m quite happy about this. Since the old Battle Magic box was retired I’ve always felt that Fantasy has moved away from having a robust magic system. This could make me very happy depending on how it works.

  • zeno

    Its nice that they release a supplement for WHFB.
    Its a real pitty that they decided to boost the things that ruined the new (8th) edition. Which is 1. Silly terrain, 2. Monsters, 3. Overpowered magic. All in one go!

    That made me buy another battlebox for Warmachine 🙂

  • KelRiever

    What is broken about 8th edition isn’t any of that, actually, at least in comparisson to the Hordes rule. The Hordes rule is more broke than your most favoritest spell ever cast with irresistable force.

    Mixed feelings on the release. If I look at the models only, amazing. The huge problem is that I probably won’t buy it. Here are the reasons:

    Price will be out of control for both the book and the miniatures
    The insanity of painting something as large as these.
    Probably yet more broken rules that will decide my game on a roll of a 4+ rather than skill.

    I play 8th and have yet to buy the full version of the log they call the rulebook. Thankfully, I have been donated a boxed set rule. When I actually finish painting my already way too huge army (read about 2400 points…still not up to the ridiculous 3000 points GW would prefer me to paint to), maybe I’ll see. By the way, I’m sure it will take me a year or more to do that…so good luck with those who feel the need to push product on a monthly basis. I wouldn’t want your job.