Storm of Magic is now available for Advance Order

Games Workshop is now accepting pre-orders for the first set of releases for the Storm of Magic expansion for the Warhammer Fantasy game. More details of the releases and the expansion are available on the What’s New blog.

Dark Elf Dreadlord on Black Dragon

From their announcement:

New monsters have woken from their slumber, Arcane Fulcrums have burst up from the ground, and new wizards are learning to harness the Winds of Magic… Storm of Magic, the world-shattering Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles, is now available for you to advance order.

Not only is this the most exciting thing to happen to Warhammer since, well, Warhammer itself, but we’ve shortened the wait between advance order and launch – so you can get your hands on the new releases even quicker.

Head on over to to see the new monsters, wizards and Arcane Fulcrums in all their glory – and play Warhammer like you’ve never played before.

  • bluntforce

    Looks kinda pointless

    • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

      In what way does it look pointless- I am not defending the game (don’t play it) just wondering what you see or don’t.

      Me I was thinking it would be more fun to have the game start with two wizards summoning their armies – It could be called Warhammer: The Gathering.

      Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • metalsifter

    “Arcane Fulcrums”? Sounds like someone was inspired by Privateer Press’ Celestial Fulcrum. Let’s see what the models, if any, look like.

    Once again GW follows in Privateers’ footsteps.

    • Zac

      The use of the word Fulcrum isn’t really enough to base that sort of judgement on. Especially not having seen the actual product

    • mathieu

      “Once again”?

      • metalsifter

        Gw copied PP’s hardbound army book format. GW hasn’t released a HB army book since the old Warhammer Armies from 3rd edition.

        • Veritas

          And PP never even HAD army books before Mk. II. Did PP copy GW? These sort of arguments are circular and can go on all day since most wargaming companies lift ideas from others. That is nothing new.

          • Veritas

            Forgive me PotBC was in Mk. I, but still long after GW started making army books.

  • TheRoss

    I am going to pick up some of the terrain pieces from this. I dont know so much about the rules, but then this is just a big organized event, just like what PP does with leagues. Just with more stuff :p

    • Zac

      Its not the same as the PP leagues or summer events. Its an expansion with new rules, monsters and terrain.

  • Nemesis

    Very nice minis, most of them, I must admit it. Though I’ve seen a picture of what is suppposed to be the GW Lammasu taken from the book or the last WD (?) I wonder if it’s the planed model or the old one that was used for illustration purpose.
    If the new Lammasu is similar there is no surprise why they legally attacked Raging Heroes on their Manticore with Lammasu head… R H one is more impressive, by far…
    To me such kind of legall menace is a kind of “strategic lawsuit” for sure.
    The cause is blatantly weak but it doesn’t matter since a SME is not very likelly to pay lawyers to defend itself. Moreover it’s a good way to put pression in a SME that produces very “Magic Storm” compatible resin models at similar prices…

    • Zac

      That looks to be the old one

  • Copernicus

    I find it interesting that they are releasing individual character models in plastic also. I would have thought they would have opted for those to be finecast since GW did make the effort to say that was the next big thing.

    Also, despite all the negative publicity, GW stills makes amazing plastic kits. Even when you want to say no GW, it’s easier said than done sometimes.

    • Veritas

      Yes, Warhammer Fantasy is my guilty pleasure. The gaming snobs make fun of me and I feel shame, but I can’t kick the habit. I DO enjoy a lot of other companies’ minis and I dislike GW’s business practices, but I love Fantasy’s models, setting, and (gasp) system.

      (commence stoning)

      • Zac

        You’re allowed to like the games. Honest. 🙂

  • I’m guessing the Finecast is a transition material and they will eventually release almost all army options in plastic, even individual characters… the equivalent kits for this releases in 40K could sell like hotcakes…

    • Zac

      I can’t see them spending this much time and energy on a replacement medium

  • cannondaddy

    The Seraphon model needs updating now!

  • I don’t like the monsters, but the Tzeentch sorceror lord is excellent — I love how he’s not even remotely human-looking.

    I agree that it’s weird that it’s plastic though.

    • cybogoblin

      I think it makes sense to release the generic characters in plastic. Both Empire and High Elves have plastic Lord and Mage miniatures (Dwarves were going to get one, but who knows what’s happening there). The only difference is these models don’t appear to have nearly as many options as the existing plastics. Seems a bit of a shame, really, considering that people may want to get more than one of each.

  • green_lumux

    Is anybody else put off by the fact they are charging 13.25 for a SINGLE plastic model, that doesn’t even include any additional bitz for different options?

    When you can get a squad of 10 troops, usually including options for at least 2 full weapon sets and 6-10 extra heads and other fun pieces to mod them with, this seems a bit absurd to me.

    especially considering how much they’ll be charging for them outside the US, i feel especially bad for the australians. 🙁

  • Will B

    The Cockatrice is fantastic, as are the plastic Chaos sorcerors. Less impressed by the other monsters but will reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh.

    Not that interested in the expansion itself – the idea of more destructive spells just doesn’t seem fun.

  • Nemesis

    Not that interested in the expansion
    itself – the idea of more destructive
    spells just doesn’t seem fun.

    The idea of what average size your army must reach to field those monster and overpowered sorcerers too ^^