Still squashing bugs

Hey everyone.

Seems we hit a bit more of a snag on a few things than originally expected there. But don’t worry, we’ve got our bug-smashing boots on and are going to town full-tilt on fixing the problems.

We’ll have your regularly-scheduled news back in no time.

  • thetang22

    While, I’m sure you are busy trying to not only squash bugs, but also consider alterate solutions for a lot of the dissatisfaction that is resulting from the new design….please don’t forget the mobile version of the site. I have to scroll down past ads, tags, archives, TGN RSS, and the recent comments links before I reach the actual content.

    Also, typing is a chore now on a mobile device. The typing is horrendously slow to register compared to the old site, sometimes letters aren’t picked up at all, and when I hit the back key, it is backing up 2 spaces rather than the standard 1.

    • Grindar

      Bug report: Still looks like shit.

  • Mananarepublic

    I love tgn but…Man this WordPress theme is not a good choice for an image heavy site… And for mobile it’s outright atrocious, mostly because the heavy graphics create grey screen delays when viewed on a mobile device (apple) which is how I read this site..

    I really think you need to reconsider the theme now before its too late

    • thetang22

      This is what I’m afraid of – quite often personal pride towards design decisions will trump reason. Regardless of how badly a change will be received, designers can insist their decision is the correct course, or make small changes to try and make their choice work, as opposed to abandoning the current direction.

    • mathieu

      I only just checked out the mobile version… Wow, and I thought the desktop site was bad already!

      On top of the incredibly long ad banners (on any news post, the actual content is at most 10% of the whole page) and the delays you mention, the menus and sub-menus turn into one looooong list of items rather than the organized tabs/drop-down menus on the desktop site.

      This is downright embarrassing. Didn’t Zac used to run beta versions of TGN for a while before updating the site?

  • Paul Mullis

    While I appreciate there are still bugs being worked on, I just would like to register that I do not like the look and feel of this new layout at all. I’m all up for change and avoiding stagnation, but to me this looks far to “corporate” and impersonal.

    It has been noted it doesn’t work on mobile very well, which I also concur, but I have to say I used to avoid the old site on mobile too because it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I have been experiencing TGN via RSS feed for some while now simply because while the content has been good, I found the actual site a pretty unpleasant experience to navigate around, so would scroll down my RSS feed to pick the stories I wanted to follow up and then click the link. This new layout I am afraid does not make me want to change this approach. Which is probably not what your advertisers want to hear.

    Simple and interesting > complex and boring. And grey for goodness sake? Who picked grey?

    I love the content and it is my goto source for news, but the design choices I am afraid do nothing to increase my desire to visit, but rather the opposite I am afraid.

  • ric

    I enjoy this site as it was always on the ball with news, however this new design is a bad one…if you can revert it back to the old design you may still have a chance to avoid becoming the next

  • Wouter Wolput

    No images, or at least none I can see on my smartphone.
    The interface really sucks, the border can’t keep up with me scrolling. And scrolling I must, as the news is after the commercial part and archive.

  • Bad_Syntax

    Since you don’t care to listen to your users, and appear set in taking the wrong way in regards to web development, guess I’m done.

    I’ll find a new source for my news now, if not write my own little checker that hits the various sites that do cool things and let me know when there are updates.

    It was fun, but its time to leave. Its not me, its you.

    • is pretty good. Not much in the way of snappy comments from the peanut gallery.

    • CrazyFish

      So… what part of “work in progress” did you miss? At least PB is acknowledging that there are issues and putting out reports that things are being worked on. Does the change in page’s theme really bother you that much? To me, there’s not much of a difference other than colors and some slight layout changes. Granted, the mobile site is a mess, but I see no reason to rage quit table flip.

  • Marshall

    Polar Bear…….never mind the haters …I can’t believe that gamers would have so much hate in them to bash something as small as a website change…keep up the good TGN KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! never mind the negative comments

    • CrazyFish

      Marshall, I agree with you. Then again, there’s GamerGate…

    • mathieu

      The fact that TGN has pretty much always been spot on about everything is the reason why such a mediocre redesign of the site comes as a surprise and triggers reactions.

      • odinsgrandson


        Now, I think as gamers, we generally see a new edition of something as the end of something we liked. Often, we find the gems that make the new version a marked improvement over the old, and other times we find that everything we loved about the old version is gone.

        So far, the new site design has some disadvantages when compared against the old one, without strong improvements that we can point to.

        For example, I liked how the old site, I could read the whole news post (most of the time) and follow a link directly to the Kickstarter without having to first click on a second link to take me to the TGN comments page. I’d like to see that put back.

  • miniaturepainterbcn

    The kickstarter link and footer links are next to useless as every time you scroll to the bottom it loads new posts. The template is wrongly configured for responsive at the moment, you need to stack the sidebars in a different way or have some switch off in smaller views.

    Images have load issues on my tablet and mobile (i often use them to view the site)

    In general, not a fan of the design. Feels too sterile and generic and not geared to the hobby or content.

    Hopefully you get the bugs ironed out and perhaps even consider working on a development area/sandbox before uploading again to save downtime/bugs for the users of the site.

  • Prophet89

    The only major gripe I have is with how little of the screen is used by the text. If they could kick the ads to the far edge and increase the space used on posts I would be happy with the redesign. I admit I was skeptical when I saw the new layout and I didn’t like not being able to click on the comments tag and being taken straight there, but I got over it.

  • Mananarepublic

    My problem is that I only read the site on mobile devices and the new experience does not work on mobile… So I just lost a site I enjoy reading on a daily basis…

  • Daniel36

    Nice to see people being so patient. The new mobile version is wonderful. Keep up the good work.