Steve Jackson Games talks about Ogre at PAX East

We were at PAX East this past weekend at had a chance to talk to Phil Reed from Steve Jackson Games.

Phil told us about their upcoming $100 re-release for Ogre. Steve Jackson Games had announced the re-print back in 2008. After years of planning what the box contents would be, he lets us know this box would be packed full of game pieces, lots of board tiles and much more. Once it goes up on their site, he was talking about how they would let the number of pre-orders decide on some of the potential extra components of the box.

Are you excited to see the return of Ogre?

We will have more on this as it develops!

  • Grim6

    So, does this mean they’ve ditched the idea of having all the minis be card board constructions? Or when they say 3D, do they really mean 3D card board? Waiting skeptically until pictures appear…

    • Sevej

      I think there won’t be plastics/metal minis. 3D cardboard it is.

      • Bewulf

        Does not sound like anything has changed since the 2011 announcements.

        Open (Ogre) Letter To Distributors

        Ogre 6th Edition Update

        So it should still be the 3D cardboard minis. Have you seen the pictures from 2010? prototype picture

        • Grim6

          Yes. And it makes me sad. I understand that there is a specific niche of fans to whom this “deluxe product” is targeted. Unfortunately, I am not in that niche. I am someone who never got into the game during the previous iterations, and would like to give it a try.

          That said, the price for product doesn’t compare favorably in the current tabletop marketplace with similarly priced offerings from FFG, or GW, or any other number of companies.

          Sorry. I understand many fans have a soft spot for this game, and are willing to make allowances because they think SJGames is a small time publisher (according to BGG discussions), but I expected a better value, even for a deluxe edition. I’m more than happy to buy a $100 for a game, if it seems like a good value – see Space Hulk, or Descent. Unfortunately for me, this reinforces the low product value that I have always perceived from this company. Which, come to think of it, is why I never picked it up before. I guess I had hoped that SJG had caught up after, what, 35 years?

  • shiny

    I like OGRE/GEV and all, but $100 for what is essentially a rehash and not even a reboot?

    The parts would have to MIGHTY tasty to lure me in.

  • Cherno

    $100 Does seem to be a steep price when compared to similar games by FFG etc., but due to the low numbers of units produced it makes sense and is actually what I would consider fair. Economy of scale. I think this release is mostly aimed at collectors and enthusiasts who want a proper, high-quality and complete version of OGRE and are willing to pay this price for it. Maybe if it sells realy well and stocks are depleted WJG will do another release 🙂

  • LegoRick

    Yep, more of the same news that simply confirms this is a must buy, at least for me. I thought the 3D cardboard Ogres looked cool, and the amazing amount of counters/maps are easily worth the price.

  • cannondaddy

    Ogre was the first wargame I ever played, so I would consider myself in the enthusiast camp. I have a good number of the Ogre Miniatures. I love them and the rule-set they put out for them, but I think I’ll skip on this.