Steve Buddle accepts position at GW

By tgn_admin
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Jun 28th, 2011

Steve Buddle has accepted a position as in-house sculptor at Games Workshop and will begin closing down his miniature business.

From their website:

You’ve probably noticed that the blog has been a little erratic of late with regards to updates and that my miniatures releases haven’t had a proper focus. This is because three months ago I applied for a position as an in house sculptor with Games Workshop. These things tend to take time to work out and I’ve now been offered and accepted said position.

This means that over the next week or two I will be shutting down operations on my miniatures business as it’s not something I can run alongside my new job and, frankly, I’m looking to be able to relax and have some proper time off outside of work (something that every self employed person out there will no doubtably understand).

Right now I can’t wait to get started sculpting cool stuff for GW as many of you will know I’m a long time GW geek and there’s always been the part of me that wanted to work with their imagery. Plus it’s going to offer me the new challenge of sculpting for plastic. A challenge that I relish as I do like plastic figures.

  • Zac

    Good luck Steve!

  • Good luck Steve and enjoy those things employed people call ‘paid holidays’ …whatever they are 😉

  • scarletsquig

    Nice, Steve has always been one of my favourite indie sculptors.
    I consider him to be on the same level as GW sculptors such as Jes Goodwin and Brian Nelson.

    Will be interesting to see how he deals with having to sculpt in heroic scale though, that will be quite a change since the proportions in his sculpts are so accurate and he’s going to have to mess them up to match the GW “hamfist holding 6 foot long, foot wide sword” style.

    • cybogoblin

      Perhaps he’ll be working on the models for The Hobbit. The LotR range was a lot more realistic than heroic.

  • Psychotic Storm

    Good luck, best of wishes.

  • Doc

    awesome! good luck Steve.