Steel Warrior Sprue on Mantic Blog

Mantic has posted more pics of upcoming Warpath miniatures:

From their announcement:

The Steel Warriors have been off for more photography and the web team has even managed to get hold of a sprue and take a snap as well – here’s the new pictures for you!

  • Ming31

    While I have waited with baited breath for this range . I am somewhat dissappointed . The sculpts used are the same as the fantasy ones . including the heads . This limits the variety . Just the addition of different heads would go a long way in creating variety in not so modular sculpts . They have potential but need to step it up a notch if they intend on being a contender .

    • Veritas

      This is the problem with being the budget range. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere to keep the kits below a certain price point. Mantic seems to be trying to keep the quality of individual figures up at the cost of modularity, (not sure this is a real word,) and variety.

  • CplHicks

    I am not too impressed either but as we have seen with the other ranges, with the next sprues we will get more options so it might work out nicely in the long run.

  • blkdymnd

    I, for one, really dig em. Easy to build, quick to field, easy to paint. That’s why Mantic is around.

  • Borzag