Steamforged Previews Veteran Minx For Guild Ball

As many of you know, I play Guild Ball. The Hunter’s Guild is one of my teams (I mean, they have a bear). So, of course, I’m excited to see what new minis they’re getting. In this case, it’s one of the models from the Union in Chains event. It’s Veteran Minx, and she adds some cool abilities to the pitch.

From the post:

Patience is a virtue, it’s said, particularly for a Hunter, and no one has waited longer for a model than the Hunter’s Guild. It’s been a long old road for her. Pawn of the Union in Season 1, bought by Obulus, freed by Hearne in Season 2, fought over by the Morticians and Hunters in Season 3, and now at long last, back in the warm, safe, only slightly murdery home of the Hunter’s Guild. She’s always been a Hunter at heart, in fact she was the first model to ever explicitly play for the Hunters, waaaaay back in Season 1, long before the Guild was even released.

Let’s look at her now she’s come home.