Steamforged Previews Last Two Ratcatcher Minis’ Stats

The Ratcatcher’s Guild is the first Minor Guild to hit the pitch. They’ll be making their way to tabletops soon, but it’s best to know what you’ll be getting into. As such, there’s two final players to preview for them. One’s Miasma, the other is Squeak, their mascot. Because, yes, you get a giant rat to use on the pitch.

From the post:

Good afternoon ratty fans, we hope you’re having a very fine day. If you’re not, well we certainly hope this blog post will help improve things!

We’ve spoiled most of the Ratcatchers already, and we showed you some of Miasma and Squeak’s cards on the streamed game a few weeks ago in what people are already referring to as the Jamiebowl, which if you haven’t seen you can watch here.

It’s time, however, for us to show off these last two cards in full! Let’s start with the biggest bravest ratty boy of them all, Squeak, Scavenger of the Depths.