Steamforged Games Posts New Dark Souls Details

So, Dark Souls 3 was just released today. I’m sure a lot of you are checking the site after having just died in the game (again) and wanting to take a quick break. Well, before you get back to it, you might want to read on, as Steamforged Games has posted up some new details about their upcoming Dark Souls board game that will be hitting Kickstarter later this month.

First off, you know Dark Souls is an unforgiving video game. You can expect the board game to be much the same. It’s going to be for 1-4 players (and their respawns). The game is designed to be set up quickly, and yet leave you with plenty to reveal as you go through. Expect plenty of mini-bosses and bosses to fight, each with using a unique “behavior system” so that no two fights (even against the same boss) are ever entirely the same. Speaking of those bosses, and the other characters, you can expect things from the original game all the way up to the latest release.

And about that Kickstarter launch, it will be on April 19th. So a week from now. Just so you mark your calendars.


  • odinsgrandson

    Sounds a lot like Kingdom Death.

    • Kaleb Eubank

      I was wondering how much they were going to crib from it. I’m ok with it, because KD is a fantastic game and I could always use more of it…

      • odinsgrandson

        Oh, yes. Kingdom Death Monster is a really great game.

        I’ve been playing with a friend’s copy, and I hope that Poots can keep it in print. Recently, he’s been saying that they’re almost sold out of their run of the game (and he’s not quite sure what to do next… which means just re-printing the thing might not be in the cards).

        I really hope he just does another print run.