Steamforged Games Launches Dark Souls Kickstarter

Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Steamforged Games has launched their Dark Souls Kickstarter campaign. And yeah, it funded damn-near immediately. As if nobody saw that coming.

The game takes players on a difficult challenge, fighting against all manner of monsters from the various Dark Souls video games. Expect your character to die… lots… as the board game recreates the feel of the video game, where survival isn’t guaranteed. It’s a cooperative game where you’re going to need every bit of your wits, as well as luck, in order to make it to the end alive.

The campaign’s set to run for another 26 days if you want to get in on the action.



    How could you leave out putting the Smough and Ornstein image on this site? Those two are maybe the most notorious boss in Dark Souls, and they look perfect as miniatures.

    If Sif shows up as a stretch goal, I’ll have to get this. There’s no better boss in video games than a giant wolf with a giant sword in its mouth.