Steamforged Games Announces 2-Player Starter Set

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Oct 7th, 2016

I have, time and again, talked about my love of 2-player starter sets. They’re an excellent way to get you and a friend involved in a game immediately. Many miniatures games have 2-player starters, and I genuinely do think it helps get more players involved in their games. My first miniatures purchase was a 2-player starter set. Well, Steamforged Games is entering the world of the 2-player starter set with Kick Off for Guild Ball.

When it comes to 2-player starters, this one’s a bit more comprehensive than a lot of them I know, really. You get two full Guild Ball teams (Masons and Brewers) that are pre-assembled in plastic, a pitch to play on (double-sided, even), the rulebook, a “Captain’s Handbook”, character cards, 128 tokens (the game does tend to use a lot of those), several templates as well as measuring widgets, and dice.

All of that for just under £50.

Pre-orders can be made at your local gaming shop, and presumably soon on the Steamforged website.


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  • DB

    Good idea. Guild Ball has taken off in my area (if not in general). Finding figures is easy, but finding cards, books, the pitch, etc is rather difficult…and I’m too lazy to print it out.

  • Andrew Franke

    $70.00 in the U.S. Great Deal!

  • BDUB

    Does anyone know if this will be the only 2-players set match-up?

    • The guys at Steamforged might know, but they’ve not shared that information, to my knowledge. Though it certainly is quite possible they’ll do other sets sometime in the future (like GW and PP have done with different box sets, though they’re usually several years apart).