Statuesque Miniatures New Releases Available

Statuesque Miniatures announce Poppy Come-Lately and Tilly Tumbleworth now available:

From their announcement:

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of two new figures- Poppy Come-Lately, Kill-Team sniper, and Tilly Tumbleworth, Kill-Team member. They join their leader Emilia ‘Foxy’ Foxwell to form an elite combat unit of tough, sassy females!

Tilly Tumbleworth is priced at £5.25, cast in metal and armed with a deadly SMG. Unposed she would measure 32mm tall.

Poppy Come-Lately is priced at £5.75, cast in metal and comes armed with a lethal sniper rifle, with the option of a SMG. Unposed she would measure 32mm tall.

Both figures are available now at the Statuesque Miniatures Online Store, alongside their leader Emilia and the rest of the Statuesque range of sexy spies and fearless freedom fighters.

Stay tuned for the Studio paint jobs by Ari Nielsson, AKA Squig Hunter/Aquila!

  • Dude

    I’m really liking this set. If I’m not entirely sold on the Infinity posthumans I’ll use these as proxies.

  • Repeter

    Wow, these are some great minis.

  • YoungOlo

    Top-notch sculpts, great job.

  • surprize

    Really nice to see Andrew Rae get EVEN better as a sculptor, his first models on this line were good, but the last 4-5 have been superb. For my money both he and Kev White are producing the best pulp/adventurer/near-future models on the market at the moment.