Star Wars: Legion Now Available

Well, go out and get ’em. The new sci-fi miniatures game from Fantasy Flight is available. You can pick up your Star Wars: Legion sets now. Take on the Imperials or Rebels with squads of troops, iconic vehicles, and Luke and Vader. It’s not just the base game, either. They’ve got the Core Set, individual boxes of the units therein, but also the AT-ST and T-47 packs you can use to customize your forces.

From the announcement:

The Galactic Civil War has erupted into pitched battle on a thousand planets of the galaxy. Rebel cells sabotage Imperial operations, while the Galactic Empire brings the full force of its military machine to bear against the Rebel Alliance. New heroes and generals are forged in the fires of war every day—and you can join their ranks. The Star Wars™: Legion Core Set and eight expansions are now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

If you’ve ever wanted to scramble for cover with a squad of Rebel Troopers or command the battle from inside an AT-ST walker, Star Wars: Legion offers you the chance to enter the infantry battles of the Star Wars saga and flex your military acumen. In every game, you will issue your orders and navigate the chaos of battle. You’ll impose your commands on the unfolding conflict. And you will lead your forces through the battle, strategically maneuvering and launching cunning attacks. Take command of the Galactic Civil War with nine Star Wars: Legion products, all releasing today:

Star Wars: Legion Core Set
Star Wars: Legion Dice Pack
Star Wars: Legion Movement Tools & Range Ruler Pack
AT-RT Unit Expansion
Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion
74-Z Speeder Bikes Unit Expansion
Stormtroopers Unit Expansion
AT-ST Unit Expansion
T-47 Airspeeder Unit Expansion