Star Trek Expeditions photos

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
Mar 20th, 2011

WizKids have posted photos on their Facebook page of several games of the Star Trek Expeditions boardgame taken at the GAMA Trade Show 2011.

  • PanzerKraken

    Aww they didn’t show off the space ship combat game? Thats the one I’m really hoping to see more of

  • Repeter

    Honestly, that gameboard looks boring. I’ll still give it a whirl if I get a chance, but nothing from those pics grabs me–just a bunch of guys sitting around some product that says StarTrek on it.

    • Repeter

      Sorry, should be more clear–I think I was hoping for some detailed maps that showed the scenery of the StarTrek universe and engrossed the player in that world at a more persoanl level. From what I am seeing, it looks to be more of an abtract experience.